"Those stupid things deserve to be compared with me!" Liu Chuanfeng is young, but not the general smelly fart, "This thing is I collected a lot of data to make, comprehensive Qingyang's current price level, per capita wages and peer fee standards, and also take into account the future of our cost expenditure and Qingyang's economic development level and so on, anyway, now this price list is the most reasonable." Darling, are you also a supporter of the era of big data! Is there any mistake? I am thousands of years away from the information age in Dayanchao. In the end, I am a traverser or you are a traverser. This boy can even model, and his thoughts are too advanced. The otaku admitted that he was really surprised by what he had just said. He patted him on the shoulder and waved a blank check at the same time. "Do a good job, Xiao Liu." I'll give you a promotion and a raise in a few days. Sent away handsome Liu, otaku back to his residence, finally have time to open the task list to receive the reward after the completion of the night haunted house. Mission Name: Night Haunted House Mission objective: This is the most famous haunted house in Qingyang County! The birthplace of countless horror legends, the peerless haunted house passed on by word of mouth! The time has finally come for you to show all your courage. Let them see what a pure Marxist is! You are required to enter the haunted house alone before sunset and stay there until dawn. Remember, no matter what happens, you can't leave the haunted house, otherwise it will be regarded as a failure of the mission. Mission Accomplished: Another Great Victory of Materialism! Did you have fun last night? At the beginning,inflatable floating water park, I was frightened by the girl and the little devil who had no power to tie the chicken. The setting of the peach wood sword hitting the spirit body was even more chaotic. However, the wonderful performance in the later match against the throwing knife master saved you a lot of face. Finally, I succeeded in breaking the game with a shot of God's mouth cannon! There is no doubt that the embodiment of wisdom and strength is you! Final rating B, congratulations on getting sp500 points, talent-you come to hit me. Ha? There seems to be something strange mixed in here! Chapter 99 you come to hit me. Talent-You come to hit me (primary, reduce damage by 10% when attacked) Otaku looked at the system reward of this talent, can not help but look strange. Although this thing has a long face shaking M,Inflatable water park on lake, but the effect is particularly domineering, 10% of the damage reduction can even allow the DPS to occasionally make a guest appearance MT, simply cool to no friends ah. Strictly speaking, this thing is even more powerful than a martial arts secret book, because if martial arts is an active skill, then talent is like a halo, day and night, 24 hours are standby state, the most important thing is that it does not need to consume internal force, in addition, the upgradeable settings also add a lot of points to it. So far, Zhang Daitou has three talents, namely, Jumping castle with slide ,large inflatable water slide, you come to hit me, which has the effect of reducing damage, the house God, which increases the speed of martial arts practice at home, and the flower bell, which looks like a mess, but in fact has never triggered the effect. By the way, he vaguely remembered that Little Panda seemed to have said that talent could be exchanged and upgraded in SP Mall, but when he clicked on the column of talent in SP Mall, there was nothing in it. Was it because the level of the Escort Agency was not enough? Zhang Da has a headache, and it seems that the upgrade is really going to be put on the agenda. If you want to upgrade the Escort Agency, first of all, you need to meet the requirements of the Escort Agency assets, the reputation of Jianghu, and the personnel of the Escorts Agency, and then you can upgrade by completing the task and collecting the corresponding materials. In terms of Jianghu reputation, Dayan Mobile now has 130 points, which has reached a thunderous level in Qingyang Wulin. Women and children know that if we don't open up new markets, this is basically the limit. It should be able to meet the requirements of upgrading, and the assets are easier to handle. Zhang Daotou just returned from Daguai and got a windfall. In addition, the remaining money is about 3,700 taels. Take out three thousand taels from it and throw it into the Escort Agency. There are still more than seven hundred taels left, eh? Why don't you throw it all in? Men always leave some silver on their bodies for a rainy day. Don't think too much. So it seems that there is no problem with the assets of the Escort Agency. On the other hand, the curtilage man has always felt that the system gentleman's requirements for the assets of the Escort Agency are very strange. Usually, it should not be measured by turnover or profit. If you look at the assets directly, the investment or owner's equity will be covered. In other words, the Escort Agency like the curtilage man has not been open for a long time, and the main business income is still relatively weak. He threw money directly into it to meet the upgrade demand, which makes people wonder if Mr. System is encouraging someone to rob the house and actively earn extra money. Since the first two items should have been up to standard, the only unqualified one is the staff of the Escort Agency. After all, there are only seven people in Dayan Mobile (not counting supernumerary staff). The positions of the big shopkeeper, the Escort Master, the Scooter and the Handyman are all empty. Even if you straighten up the little Liu Zi and throw the master on the Handyman, there are still two places where there is no one. Besides, you are embarrassed to recruit one for each of these two positions. The total number of people in the Escort Agency should also meet certain conditions. This matter is quite easy to solve, the master promised before that he would introduce some young people with good moral character and basic skills from the martial arts school to work here, but because the Escort Agency is too small, Zhang Da Escort Head has no place to accept these people, fortunately, a few days later, Dayan Mobile will be able to directly turn into an industrial park from a small handicraft workshop. When the time comes,Inflatable 5k obstacle, these new teenagers should be able to trigger the upgrade task. He thought about it again and confirmed that there was nothing else, so the otaku started a wave of squatting days at home with a good conscience. Seven days passed in a twinkling of an eye, and this week Zhang Xiaoxi really didn't waste it. joyshineinflatables.com