"If you have something to do, let me accompany them to practice, teacher.". I also want to see how strong the so-called unattainable training is. Hearing the voice, the master's cold expression finally changed a little more, and he looked back in surprise and looked in the direction of the voice. I saw Tang Sanhuai holding a white rabbit, striding. It soon came to them. You're back. Looking at his disciples, the master could not help but have mixed feelings. Didn't even notice the little dance in his arms. Tang San nodded to the master, then turned to the young soul master and said, "I will practice with you on behalf of the master.". How much do you practice? I'll double it. No one has ever been able to figure out the limits of human beings. I am a disciple of the master, and I will prove to you that the teacher's theory is absolutely valid. "You don't know what we are practicing, so you come to brag," said the middle-aged soul master with some disdain. I want to see how you double up. Tang San touched the little dance in his arms. He went to Liu Erlong and handed her over, "Teacher Erlong, please help me hold her.". This is a little dance. Liu Erlong froze for a moment, took Tang San to pass the small dance, for a moment did not understand what he meant. Tang San turned around and walked up to the middle-aged soul teacher and looked at him face to face. "If I did it, please apologize to the teacher." As he spoke. He strode to the center of the field and then turned to face the master. "Teacher, please guide me." The appearance of Tang San finally softened the master's eyes. With a nod,gear reduction motor, the master said, "You will run in circles under the pressure of the infinite gravity.". The gravity is three times. Twenty laps. Do not use Soul Power or Soul Skill. Zhao Wuji stood in the center of the training ground, relying on the strength of his Contra. It can just extend its gravity control range to the periphery of the playground. Tang San nodded to Zhao Wuji. Teacher Zhao, please. Give me six times gravity. Zhao Wuji smiled and nodded to Tang San. Although his gravity enhancement skills were not really gravity control, they could not weaken gravity. But with his current strength, the highest is enough to increase the gravity to ten times. The third soul ring lit up, and six times the gravity fell directly on Tang San. Tang San only felt his body sink. Eyes turned to the students who stopped. "Please supervise the counting for me." As soon as the voice fell,micro gear motor, he had run out. Tang San's running speed is not very fast, but the distance of each step is almost equal, moving forward at a uniform speed. Soon he came to the outer circle and ran. Some students don't quite believe that Tang San is bearing six times the gravity at this time. Subconsciously close to his side, when Tang San passed in front of them, they immediately felt a strong pressure came, the body almost collapsed. Only then can we be sure that Zhao Wuji never released water to Tang San. Of course, this does not allow them to give up supervision, each soul division is carefully observing Tang San, if he used the soul power, there will naturally be fluctuations in the soul power, they can also find the first time. But they were soon disappointed. Tang San not only did not use his soul power. And the frequency of running began to increase. Tang San is no longer the Tang San of that year, two hundred years. One thousand years, two ten thousand years, Small Dc Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, one hundred thousand years. How terrible the four soul rings are to his body. What's more, there are two immortal grasses baptized by fire and ice, and the attributes of four soul bones are increased. In terms of physical strength, there is no one present who can compare with him, not even Zhao Wuji, the king of the Ming Dynasty. Soon, ten laps passed, Tang San's speed was getting faster and faster, but his expression did not change at all, and his breathing was even. His face was calm, as if nothing had happened. Teacher Zhao, increase the gravity to the maximum. Tang San shouted to Zhao Wuji at the beginning of the eleventh lap. Zhao Wuji snigger in the heart, the little monster is really a little monster, ah, he has a master to find a place, this can have a good show to see. The heart is thinking so, but the mouth reminds: "The maximum gravity is ten times, you are careful." His reminder was not so much to tell Tang San as to tell the students who were already stunned. Gravity increased again, but Tang San's speed was not slow at all, the only change was a touch of blush on his face. These belong to the Tiandou Empire royal soul division are newly transferred, the last Shrek five monsters and Zhao Wuji, Flanders that battle they did not see, naturally do not know Tang San. Watching Tang San run under such terrible gravity with only the strength of his body, everyone froze for a moment. The strong soul master who had challenged the master before opened his mouth wide. He looked at him with an incredible face. Twenty laps were soon over. Tang San ran back to the center of the field and saluted the master, "Teacher, is there any follow-up?" The master waved his hand to Tang San and motioned him to come to him. Tang San quickly came to the master, at this time, he only saw a slight sweat on his forehead. With a hint of relief in his eyes, the master turned to the young soul master who had been clamoring before. "Now you tell me, is it impossible for people to accomplish the task of three times gravity and twenty circles?" The middle-aged soul master gawked at Tang San, "Are you really human?" As soon as this remark is made. Even the master and Liu Erlong's face, can not help showing a bit of a smile. Liu Erlong kicked the middle-aged soul master over. "Cut the crap and return to the team.". All the people who stopped just now, the number of laps is recalculated. Start. If anyone talks nonsense again, don't blame me for being rude. That prime of life soul division even rolled to the ground to run to the team, still can't help looking back to Tang San, "brother, how many levels of soul power do you have this year?"? Is your physical strength trained by the master? Tang San nodded to him. I have been practicing under the guidance of my teacher since I was a child, and now I am at level 66. Suddenly, the middle-aged soul master fell to the ground as soon as his feet were soft. More, how much? His voice was already trembling. "Level 66," said Tang San indifferently. I am almost 21 years old this year. Satisfied? You haven't apologized to the teacher. As he spoke,Low Rpm Electric Motor, a strong pressure was suddenly released from him, and the pressure spread all over the field in an instant, making every soul master in training feel breathless. ichgearmotor.com