"Poor Fei Ye is a weak man. The emperor is willing to force flowers. The emperor might as well have a try in the future. Fei Ye will give him his life." The sexy voice began to destroy my ears again, and the fragrance on my body, in waves, disturbed my mood. You don't need the other day, and you don't need the life of the night. At this moment, I must smile like an evil spirit under the moon, dancing proudly. The little hand wanders, very much like a hungry wolf who is blinded by lust. Suddenly, it stops when it touches a certain part. When the smiling face is raised to the maximum, it pinches the hand heavily. The fox's face in front of him twisted immediately, and I even heard the cluck of his teeth. His whole body was stiff, and his legs had been subconsciously curled together, trembling once or twice. Ah The innocent little hand covers the sandalwood mouth, "originally the red night has not been invulnerable to bullets all over the body, does it hurt?"? Do you want me to rub it well? He breathed out two heavy breaths, and he laughed out loud. "Now I know the end of cheating the emperor, and I dare not say anything." Nodding with satisfaction, I lifted his chin frivolously, exhaled like an orchid, and pressed it to his ear. "Can you tell me the whereabouts of the'moonlight orchid 'now?" "It's natural to say it, but what's the good of working so hard at night?" It's obviously grinning, but you have to play amorous feelings and pout your lips, as if you were asking for a candy. I knew it wasn't that simple. "What does Feiye want?" Two people are close to each other, but they are bargaining. How about a message in exchange for a promise from the emperor? "What promise?" "Won't the emperor promise first?" "I'm not a swordsman,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, and I don't believe in morality. If I were to give you a message, I'd have to think about whether it's worthwhile or not, right?"? I won't do anything to suffer a loss! "The night will not embarrass the emperor." "You are a fox spirit for a thousand years. If you are polite to you, I am afraid you will play to death. Besides, I don't know whether your news is true or false. How can I promise to cheat me so cheaply?" He sighed helplessly, "Well, if the news of the scarlet night lets the emperor get the'moonlight night orchid ', it's not too late for the emperor to fulfill his promise again, is that good?" "Well,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, what can I do for you?" "Send me a letter." "Can I see the content?" Send a letter? Who can't send it? Why must I? He pulled out a plain letter from his bosom and threw it into my hand. "Look around!" There was no name on the white envelope, thinking that he did not want me to know who the other party was, he pulled out the letter paper, and the handsome font was elegant, which made me look at him a few more times, and then fell back on the paper, which made me laugh. Meng Jun's wrong love, willing to give palm beads, but my heart has been tied to him for a long time, only to say goodbye. I hope you will cherish the old friendship and forgive me for what I said. He closed the paper, covered his mouth, peeked at him, and again lowered his head and shook his shoulders. What are you laughing at? An angry stare at me, but not half angry, only a little embarrassed. So you have a time to run away from marriage? Clapping the letter in my hand, I looked at his face with discomfort. Face off, too lazy to tangle with me on this issue, Small Geared Motors ,Vending Machine Motor, "promise or not?"? You are so powerful that no one dares to embarrass you when you send a letter. It's a trouble to solve for me. Nodded, "OK, yes, just the recipient?" "When you get the'Moonlight Orchid 'to fulfill the promise, I will fill in the name, in case you can't get it, not one more person knows about it, the letter is put in your place, afraid you are not at ease, say I will change it." "All right, deal!" "Pow!" "Pow!" "Pow!" With three high-fives, I took the letter into my arms. 'Moonlight Night Orchid 'is just a very precious flower. It is hard to find gold and its body is delicate and its flesh is precious. It has no value to people in the martial arts world. It is said that this flower blooms at midnight, emitting a coquettish light and charming people's hearts. It is also said that its beauty is like the moment when a thousand years of spiritual cultivation takes shape and transforms into an adult, transforming into youth, which is peerless. His voice, I could not hear a trace of affectation and scratching, only calm, and a little bit of bitterness. If we say that the only function of this thing is to relieve the efficacy of Lingsiancao. "As soon as the conversation changed, it turned into a dissolute tone." 'Lingsiancao' is also a wonderful medicine in the world. It can stimulate the potential of the human body, consolidate the foundation and cultivate the vitality. Especially when a person who practices martial arts takes it, it is a rapid martial arts. However, if a man takes it, the only disadvantage is that. " Close to my ear, low smile, "no, can, birth, breeding.". Am I right? Emperor! "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. You're as clever as you are, but you're also troublesome." Patting him on the chest, the warning was clear. I provide information, you solve my doubts, and everyone takes what they need. Finger on my lips, "beside the emperor, the Lord of the Green Palace and the bodyguard are both highly skilled in martial arts, and they are both loved by their hearts. I don't know who has ever taken'Lingsiancao '?"? Let the emperor work so hard? This boy, good quick brain, from I just want'moonlight night orchid 'such a sentence, unexpectedly can analyze so many things, but also hit the nail on the head, look at that expression, pick up grapes, enjoy throwing into the mouth, stick out the tongue, lick the fingertips. Will you say it or not? Watching him lick his paws was annoying, and his patience was worn away by him. He clenched his teeth and threatened. The emperor first answers the question of the red night, which lover is it? Her winking eyes were like silk, and she was not threatened by me at all. She chuckled, "Lord Bi Palace has grown up in Biluo Palace. If you say that there must be countless medicines to stimulate your potential, it is unlikely that you can take such a wonderful medicine as'Lingsiancao '. But I know that many people in the royal family, the personal bodyguards protect the Lord with their lives. In order to improve their martial arts, they will naturally have some extreme methods. I don't know if I'm right?"? Emperor. He clearly guessed it long ago, but he played dumb step by step, digging holes and waiting for me to jump. The corner of the mouth pulls out a sneer,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, I climb up the body, "thank you for the news of the night, I will send someone to beg!" "Won't the emperor ask about the whereabouts of this'moonlight orchid '?" There are some accidents that I am suddenly indifferent to. ichgearmotor.com