The day before school starts, Atobe Keigo summons all the elected members of the original Ice Emperor Primary Tennis Department to do their last group training on the scary outdoor luxury tennis court of Atobe Keigo's house! The weather on that day was very pleasant, the flowers were fragrant, the grass was green, and the birds were intimate. The scene was peaceful. After enjoying a delicious tea, the ice emperor members were carried to the tennis court for training. Atobe Keigo looked around at the ice emperor who was training hard on the tennis court and smiled with satisfaction at the corners of his mouth. The ice emperor would not be hit by a failure. The champion of the high school group of the National Tennis Competition would be Atobe Keigo. But when Atobe Keigo looked around his tennis court again, why did he feel that something was missing? Atobe Jingwu slightly narrowed his peach blossom eyes, touched the lachrymal mole in the corner of his eyes with his fingers, and snapped his fingers with his right hand, "Birch, go and carry Cilang over!" Standing behind Atobe Keigo, Takahiro, who was doing swing practice, stopped with an expressionless face. "Wushi!". " Turned to leave, 5 minutes later, in an unknown corner, came Akutagawa who was dozing off. Next to him, Yueren Xiang, who was doing sparring practice with Yueji Ninjitsu, saw this situation and stopped the game to watch the ice emperor's famous product, Shaking Sheep Baa Baa ~ But to the surprise of Yueren, Atobe Keigo did not wave his big hand to signal Takahiro to perform the old drama, but showed a kind smile, "Tzu Lang, it's time for training!"! Wake up Akutagawa: ~ ~ ~ zZZzzz. Takahiro Birch, carrying Akutagawa Jiro:. While waiting for Atobe Keigo to rise, Atobe Keigo reached out and pressed the veins on his forehead, and continued to squeeze out a smile comparable to a smile, and continued to gently wake up the sleeping sheep Baa Baa. Not normal,Beverage packing machine, too abnormal, to the Japanese Yue people step back with the posture of a landmine, the racket in his hand against his chest, it must be a fake, TT where is the real Atobe? Ninjutsu Yuuji folded his arms and watched Xiangri Yueren playing tricks ~ It was not until the retreating Xiang Riyueren met Liang, who was practicing, that Liang, who had been concentrating on serving, was hit by Xiang Riyueren. He lost his aim and lost his racket. The tennis ball thrown high hit Liang in the face. Liang was angry. "What are you doing?" That more and more bad eyes, you do not explain to destroy your posture. Xiang Ri Yue Ren ignored Liang's ugly face and held Liang's arm tightly as if he were holding a drowning driftwood. "Liang, Atobe, is he sick?" Xiang Ri Yue Ren looked like the end of the world. Liang Wen Yan followed the line of sight of Xiang Ri Yue Ren to look at Atobe Jingwu, who was waking up Ci Lang with unprecedented tenderness on the side of the court. He shivered for a moment and said angrily, "You are too bad. Atobe is just in a good mood these two days!" As if he didn't care, water bottle packaging machine ,plastic bottle making machine, he waved his hand away and continued to practice. Unfortunately, it would be more convincing if his movements were not so stiff. Xiang Ri Yue Ren looked at the hand waved away, tears ~ Ninjutsu Youshi finally had some partner love, in the past comforted patted Xiang Ri Yue Ren, but his movements, that look like how to send a pet. I am the dividing line. On the other side, Kengo Atobe is in full swing, and on the other side, everything is going well. The trailer of The Tale of Genji is unexpectedly popular and warmly welcomed. The crowd is shouting for an early premiere, and the LME has begun to hold a meeting to discuss the matter. Although mainly Chiba Yui, Xiangchuan Guizi and other Fans are in the majority, but to Fang Xing's surprise, there are still many people who support her. Although LME did not give her detailed information in order to keep the mystery and improve the ratings when broadcasting, there are still more and more people who support her. So far, Fang Xing has stepped out of the new debut artists. The hardest step is to have your own supporters. As for the two-week dance training, although it was very hard, Fangxing survived with the memory of Yunmeng, but her body was very tired. Yoshiyuki changed into a knee-length white dress with a green cut-out flower pattern and took a pair of ivory straw style chunky sandals from Tomoko. Yoshiyuki looked in front of the full-length mirror, "Tomoko, is this all right?" Tomoko Arimori stood beside her, holding her chin and looking at it. "I've been busy practicing dancing these days, and I'm a little thin, but it's just right to wear this skirt!" "But it's only April and it's so cold!" Yoshiyuki scratched his bare arm, muttered in a low voice, and then silenced himself in the light of Tomoko's death. Fangxing Tears ~ She didn't calculate that Tomoko Arimori was actually "killing ripeness". When they first met, Tomoko was so kind to her. Now, as a mature bird, she turned into a housekeeper. The broad scope of management made her think that she had a second mother! No, Sakai's mother is more gentle than her. Today was supposed to be the time for her to go to the cast of Shinkaishi Yijing, but when Tomoko came to pick her up, she criticized her long clothes and trousers. Fang Xing looked at the dress of Tomoko Wannian's women's suit, only occasionally the color was different to show that she had changed her clothes, speechless. However, under the pressure of Tomoko, he honestly changed the skirt that Tomoko had found. Until sitting in Tomoko's car, Fang Xing endured for a long time or asked the question in his heart, "Tomoko, do you have any quarrel with the agent of Tsuruga's predecessor?" Just down the stairs when they happened to run into the next door also want to go out of the DunHe Lian and his agent she Xing Yi, originally Fang Xing was preparing out of politeness and DunHe Lian Hala two words, but when she introduced Tomoko found that Tomoko and she Xing Yi speak, the face that is quite abnormal, although Tomoko is still the face of the granite, But Fang Xing, who was already familiar with her, easily found Tomoko's uneasiness. There must be JQ in it. When Tomoko Arimori, who was starting the car, heard this,liquid bottle filling machine, she subconsciously stepped on the accelerator, and the car suddenly jumped out. Yoshiyuki was twisting his face to send a curious light wave to Tomoko, but he was not prepared. His face almost hit the windshield in front of him and turned into a rotten potato.