If Tang Ruoyao was a little angry just now, he would be angry now. After taking a bath, she didn't come back to look at herself, but also ran to chat with people, don't think she didn't hear, the door was deliberately open. Tang Ruoyao lay with his back to her, his eyes closed, and one hand pinched the corner of the pillow tightly. Teacher Tang? Qin Yilong called her lightly and asked, "Are you asleep?" Tang Ruoyao did not speak and pretended to sleep. Qin Yinong also did not come to look carefully, turned off the headlights in the bedroom, leaving one at the head of the bed. She climbed into bed gently, picked up the book at the head of the bed and opened it, waiting for her hair to dry and go to bed. Tang Ruoyao made a gentle nasal sound, like a raving in his sleep. The woman's breath suddenly approached her ear, Tang Ruoyao held her breath, she could feel Qin Yinong very close to her, perhaps her lips were only one centimeter away from her ear, but she did not move. Qin Yinong observed Tang Ruoyao for a moment, gently pulled the corner of the quilt for her, and came back to sit upright. Not long after, Tang Ruoyao turned over with a hum, facing up, and lifted half of the quilt that Qin Yinong had covered her. Qin Yinong: "… …" Sure enough, I won't sleep well. She remembered that Tang Ruoyao was so hot that she did not rush to cover her with a quilt, but concentrated on reading. Tang Ruoyao could not pretend to go on, suddenly opened his eyes and stared straight at her, thin lips tight. She didn't even cover her with a quilt. Qin Yinong inadvertently looked at her and was startled: "Are you awake?" Tang Ruoyao said, "Well, there is light." "Then I.." Qin Yinong touched the long hair at the back of her head, the end of her hair was still a little wet,CSD filling line, and the whole was dry. She turned off the last light and lay down. Without a word, Tang Ruoyao came over and hugged her. Qin Yinong was used to her embrace, but this time it was different. She was tightly imprisoned, and her strength was so great that there was no room for her to move freely, as if she were suppressing something. Qin Yi thick can not move, simply do not move, anyway does not hurt, she listens to this little bastard to have any trick. After waiting for several minutes, Tang Ruoyao pressed the tip of her nose against her side face and her lips against her auricle. "I'm jealous," she said bluntly. Qin Yinong was stunned, how dare she. Just say it like that? However,liquid bottle filling machine, Tang Ruoyao was more daring than she thought. She paused and said, "You have to coax me." Qin Yinong almost laughed. Why? Tang Ruoyao lowered his voice and said, "Will you coax me?" Qin Yilong's heart softened, but he didn't say anything. Tang Ruoyao also did not speak, loosened the embrace, took the back to her. There is a moon tonight, and the moonlight comes through the curtain which is not very good at shading, and the narrow and thin figure of the woman can be seen clearly. Qin Yinong also carried it on his back. Two people sleep back to back, 1.5 meters of bed, the middle distance is spacious enough to lie down two people side by side. Tang Ruoyao opened his eyes and rubbed the corner of the pillow towel in a mess with his fingers, feeling depressed and aggrieved. She sniffed. The bed beside her sank, and a breath approached, but not next to it, as if it were lying flat beside her. Qin Yinong asked behind her, "Why haven't you fallen asleep yet?" His voice was weak and he could not hear his emotions. In any case, it was not a coax, but Tang Ruoyao heard the signal of weakness and turned over, shoulder to shoulder with her. Think about things. "What are you thinking?" "Miss you." “……” Half of Qin Yinong's body began to tingle. Is she becoming more and more blatant? "Qin Yinong." In the darkness, after two seconds, Qin Yinong replied to her coldly: "Yes." "I'm a little cold." Someone in Tang opened his eyes and told a lie. ……” "I'm really cold." The young woman softened her voice and said, juice filling machine ,PET bottle Mold, "You hug me." Qin Yinong's other side of the body is not good, all over the body thousands of ants drilling her itch. Tang Ruoyao: "Hug me." Qin Yi breathed heavily, and his hard-earned self-control collapsed. He took Tang Ruoyao into his arms and held her against her ear. His voice was low and hoarse: "Is that all right?" Tang Ruoyao raised his lips silently. She adjusted to a comfortable position in the woman's arms, when she raised her face, her lips just reached each other's chin, as long as Qin Yilong lowered his head, he could kiss her, which was an excellent distance. Qin Yinong thought that this was the end, one night can live in peace, in the heart grew a breath, closed his eyes brewing sleepiness. Qin Yinong. "Tang Ruoyao's warm breath breathed from bottom to top on her lips.". Qin Yilong is determined to ignore her, and then pay attention to her this little bastard does not know what to do. She has a good plan, and Tang Ruoyao has a wall ladder. Ignore to ignore, but she took the initiative to hold Qin Yinong a hand, massage her fingers, into the fingers, wrapped tightly, full of tricks. Qin Yinong breathes a stagnation, intentionally lets oneself fall asleep quickly, regards Tang Ruoyao as nothing, exerts the ability to enter the play before, pretends that he is going to play a person who can't wake up for a long time, forces his consciousness into a mysterious situation. She was at the mercy of Tang Ruoyao like a marionette. Until half asleep and half awake, the fingertips touched the wet water. The author has something to say: Question: What happened? Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. 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