"He was made so by himself." Well, frankly, you have a little bit of credit for what he's become. The man sighed and whispered, "In fact, with his strength, the two hundred Roland knights who met you that day would have been killed long ago.". But he has a way to improve his strength several times in a period of time. But then I met you. Well, your magic of "God Thunder Axe" is too powerful. His original strength, you can pinch him to death with one finger, although you used that secret method to improve the strength of several times, but in the face of you, the black veil saint of Roland continent, or not. Your magic should be what you call a forbidden spell, right? Even if he improves his strength several times, he can't carry it even if he reaches the level of'holy phosgene '. Being bombarded by you, his'holy phosgene 'is naturally scattered by you, but the seeds of the'golden fighting spirit' just cultivated in his body are also scattered by you. He is a samurai, but his luck is better than others, can skip the stage of ordinary samurai's condensation of fighting spirit, directly practice'golden fighting spirit ', but also because it is a shortcut than others, it is also dangerous. Originally,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, if he could have a place to take good care of himself after that day, he could recover slowly without fighting with others within ten days and a half months. But you ran all the way down, fought with people a few times, and got hurt, and it was. Well, it's no use talking to you so much. Let me put it this way, he is like a half-built house, which has been hammered by you,PET blow moulding machine, almost falling apart, and has not been repaired in time, someone went up and kicked a few feet on the already dilapidated door wall. Now.. The body is all right, but after it's all right, that's it. What fighting spirit or gold fighting spirit, a lifetime is counted on. The Muse felt a pain in his heart and sighed, "How do you know so well?"? How do you know about my fight with him? There was no one else around at that time. The man slanted his head and said casually, "I know anyway. Now, do you want him to be a second-rate warrior all his life?" Muse frowned. "I don't understand. How can I help?" The man opened his hands and said, "I can't save him by myself …" Although I have a good friendship with him, I am not so kind to save his life. You are the Black Veil Saint, and if I am not mistaken, you are only one step away from entering the stage of'domain power '. You are already standing at the top of the magician. If I don't ask you for help, who will? Muse shook his head. "I am now …" "Red Dragon Blood?" That person Hei Hei a smile: "Although I have not seen the dragon, but I think you Roland mainland people, juice filling machine ,Vegetable oil filling machine, it is estimated that you will not really dare to provoke the dragon clan?"? Give your temple a great courage, also dare not to provoke the dragon clan, right? What dragon blood.. Do you dare to kill a dragon and get their blood back? I see what red dragon, is not a real dragon, right? It's probably just a kind of Warcraft. Muse nodded: "Yes, our so-called Red Dragon Blood, in fact, is a red-covered crawling Warcraft, but looks like a dragon in general.". This kind of Warcraft itself is not powerful, but their blood is the most terrible thing for magicians. If you drink a little, you can make a magician lose all his magic. But the solution is not without, as long as you can find a red dragon to kill, get its magic core, it is OK. "A magic core?" The man smiled, "I have a lot of this kind of thing here, but I don't know if there is the magic core of the red dragon you said." He reached out his hand and, as if by magic, pulled out a handful of bright, colorful crystal gems. Muse only looked at it once, and his face changed immediately. She is a senior magician, and naturally she knows these things. I saw this man take out all the magic cores of Warcraft! Looking around, there are actually a lot of advanced Warcraft's magic core in it! Muse knew in his heart that it was not easy to hunt a low-level Warcraft. And some high-level Warcraft, not to mention hunting, usually some high-level magicians or powerful knights, met are dead and dead, only to escape. This man grabbed so many precious magic cores at random, just like grabbing a handful of rotten stones! "Where did you get so many things?" "Hum.." My master liked to collect strange things at that time. He once brought people to your Roland land secretly. These things were his collection at that time. You see if there is the red dragon magic core you said, if not, I still have it here, but there are too many things, it is not good to take it all out for a while. Hearing this, Muse's jaw dropped to the ground, and he felt that the man in front of him was very strange-taking the magic core as a collection? Doesn't he know that in Roland, even a low-level Warcraft's magic core can be sold for hundreds of gold coins? For magicians, these magic cores are all treasures to enhance their strength! Much more valuable than the average magic crystal! If it is the magic core of advanced Warcraft, it can be worth tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of gold coins! On Roland, there are many small mercenary regiments specializing in hunting Warcraft and selling magic cores for a living, but at most they only dare to deal with some low-level Warcraft. The man saw that the muse did not move, thinking that there was no red dragon magic core, threw the things in his hand to the ground, grabbed them out of thin air, and grabbed a lot. Muse just felt dizzy and confused. Although she grew up in the land of magic Roland, but in her life has never seen so many Warcraft magic core in front of her, she has long seen at a glance, the other side casually pulled out a few pieces, actually only in the temple collection of advanced Warcraft magic core. Muse took a deep breath, then steadied his mind,bottle blowing machine, slowly picked out two red crystals from it, and sighed: "This is it, but these things are very precious.." You might as well put it away. 。 gzxilinear.com