In fact, it's not that he doesn't want to go back, but that he doesn't have the strength to go back now. From the moment he received Chen Zhenguo's eyes, his legs kept sending, only to feel a feeling of fear surging from his heart in an instant. Li Zuxin doesn't quite understand why this happened. Ran'er! Chen Zhenguo paid no more attention to Li Zuxin. Instead, he took Mo Ziran by the hand and said in a gentle voice, "Ran, let's go!" When Li Zuxin came to his senses, Chen Zhenguo and Mo Ziran had already entered the elevator. Since Chen Zhenguo bought this diamond ring for Mo Ziran, he has never let Mo Ziran take it off. Until yesterday, in that underground gas pipe, Mo Ziran was thrown off in a panic. At that time, Mo's mind was on Chen Zhenguo's real body, and Chen Zhenguo's mind was on Mo Ziran, neither of them noticed that the ring had fallen off. When Mo Ziran returned to the hotel and found out that they had been in the cold war period, she never said anything. Why is my ring on your hand? Mo Ziran pointed to the ring on the fake Mo Ziran's hand and said in surprise, "Oh!" Mo Ziran nodded, "My ring was dropped in the underground gas pipeline yesterday, so-" "Xiao Bao!" Mo Ziran turned to Xiao Bao and said, "She must have been sent by the masked man." "Did you say I was me?" Fake Mo Ziran curled his lips,water filling machine, "because you don't have a ring, of course you said so!"! Ring, this kind of thing is two people's love token, is not you say to lose, so. Fake Mo Ziran pointed at Mo Ziran and said, "You are fake!" Xiao Bao felt that the fake Mo Ziran had a point. It jumped from Mo Ziran to the fake Mo Zilan. Pointing at Mo Zilan, he said,Edible oil filling machine, "You are the fake." "Xiao Bao, you should know, I am just an ordinary human, no magic, you just saw me go into the bathroom, how can I come in from the outside?" Mo Ziran hurriedly defended himself. Yes, Madame won't do any magic! Xiao Bao nodded. Nonsense, I have been married to Zhenguo for so long, and there are many unsafe factors around him. What's strange that he taught me some self-defense skills? Fake Mo Ziran said. Xiao Bao nodded, feeling that the fake Mo Ziran had a point. You're just talking nonsense. Do you pass on such things as magic? Mo Ziran said. You're talking nonsense! Fake Mo Ziran replied. You're talking nonsense! "You're talking nonsense." …… "All right, all right, you all stop with me!" Xiao Bao stopped two people at the exit. After Xiao Bao made a sound, the true and false Mo Ziran stopped immediately, and they stared at each other. I say Xiao Bao jumped back and forth between the true and false Mo Ziran, water filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "you two, who is true and who is false?" "I'm real, you're fake!" Fake Mo Ziran said. You're the fake! Mo Ziran was so anxious that he jumped to his feet. At the same time, he thought to himself, "Why didn't my mother take a birthmark or something when she gave birth to me? Only in this way can she prove it.". Xiao Bao looked at the headache, it simply sat on the sofa, looking at the true and false Mo Ziran in that you a word I a word. This scene is really comparable to the real and fake Monkey King in the journey to the West. At the thought of the real and fake Monkey King, Xiao Bao immediately became excited, and his mind desperately recalled how to distinguish the journey to the West in the end. Find the Tathagata? Xiao Bao was a little discouraged, and there was no Tathagata. However, there is no Tathagata, there is Chen Zhenguo. Now can distinguish between true and false Mo Ziran, should only be Chen Zhenguo. Thinking of Chen Zhenguo, Xiao Bao looked at the door subconsciously. As soon as Xiao Bao saw this, he immediately called out, "No!" Because, at this time, the true and false Mo Ziran quarrel has been noisy outside the door. Out of this door, Mo Ziran is very dangerous, Xiao Bao hurried to chase out. However, although Xiao Bao had already run to the door at the fastest speed, when he reached the door. Outside the door is already empty, true, false Mo Ziran are gone. Xiao Bao rushed downstairs, but even if it could turn into an ordinary man, it, like Chen Zhenguo, could not chase out of the hotel door, and it did not have an upper body. So, had to watch helplessly watching Mo Ziran was taken away. "Master, that's what happened!" Xiao Bao lowered his head, and when he spoke to the back, his head almost touched the ground, and his voice was so small that he could hardly hear himself. Chapter 493 will surely leave him dead. "That's it?" Chen Zhenguo looked at Xiao Bao coldly. Yes, that's it! "I said you." Chen Zhenguo is angry. Master Xiao Bao knelt on the ground with a splash. "Master, I was wrong. I didn't protect my wife well. Please punish me!" Punish you now! Can Mo Ziran come back? Chen Zhenguo's face was pale. But the two ladies look so much alike that I can't tell them apart. Xiao Bao defended himself in a low voice. Two identical people, even if he Chen Zhenguo may not be able to distinguish. Stupid! Chen Zhenguo gave Xiao Bao a pot cover, "isn't there a scar on his wife's face?" "But both ladies have scars on their faces." If he didn't have scars on both of them, how could he not tell? There will be true and false scars, and you will know if you pull them. Chen Zhenguo is really speechless, because he is so smart, but he made such a stupid paper figure. ……” This time Xiao Bao did not dare to make a sound, as Chen Zhenguo said, he was so stupid that he dared not lift his head now. Xiao Bao walked around the room anxiously. Don't dangle in front of my eyes! Chen Zhenguo glared at Chen Zhenguo angrily. Master,PET blowing machine, what shall we do now? The murderer must have taken the lady away. Let's go and rescue her now! Now that they know the address of the murderer, they can just kill him and get his wife back. Chen Zhenguo raised his hand and looked at the sunshine outside. "It's easy to say. When we go out, the sun is so big that you turn into ash as soon as you go out." 。