Bai Jue (sighs): It turns out that the Uchiha family has a split personality so hard that they need to take turns. Hei Jue (sneers): This is the complete version of split personality. The Uchiha family is really a monster. The first to bear the brunt is Taizu spot Sasuke (deep in thought): Azuke, would you like to study how we can both speak at the same time like that? Azor (refuses): Sasuke, half of his face is paralyzed and half of his face is smiling. Don't you think it's not like a split, like a brain pumping? Version 2: Remembering Yuqin Original. What will happen when Sasuke meets Jue. It's all split personality. A two-person chat becomes a four-person chat. Then Sasuke changed his expression (personality) every time he said a word. Shuang Jue Khan: I am more normal. Sasuke and Azuke watched Hei Jue and Bai Jue talking at the same time and quarreling. Azor: a strange race. If you can dissect it, study its structure and so on, maybe. Sasuke: Facial paralysis. On August 3.4, I asked for leave for two days, which was purely a private matter. I'm sorry to suspend the update. The leave note was also put in the announcement stamp. Bow out. Chapter 62 Ershao's old friend. On a clear day without wind, the pale golden desert stretches out, and at the end of the horizon, it meets the light blue and transparent sky, which is absolutely different from the beautiful leaves. However, Konoha, who came to Sharen for the first time, was not in the mood to appreciate it at all, and the leading hand bow had no leisure to introduce it to everyone. Now everyone is most worried about me, Ailuo. After receiving a letter from Sha Ren asking for help, Naruto and others came day and night. Hand bow, sir. When they arrived at the entrance of Sharen Village, the staff on duty bowed their hands and saluted, and their faces could not hide their anxiety. In the entryway into the village, the fighting man is clearing the rubble that fell during the explosion and carrying out the bodies of the victims. Black sealed cloth bags for collecting corpses are placed on the flat ground in turn,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, which is more distressing than tombstones. Naruto and Sakura, who were following him, lowered their eyes in silence, while Kakashi sighed silently. I love him. Hand bow now even sad grief is too late, after seeing the other side's look, hand bow did not continue to ask me about love Luo, "then Kankuro?" "Kankuro's life is not in danger, but according to the doctor, he has been subjected to advanced illusions and is still unconscious." "Take me to Kankuro first." As he walked, he quickly arranged the next affairs. The wind shadow is caught, Kankuro is in a coma, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and there are not many people who can be in charge now. As for the group of elders, those old guys still have a lingering fear of my identity as the pillar of love. It is better to dream than to expect them to propose the rescue of the wind shadow. Konoha's team followed Shou Ju to the medical room, and Naruto could not help but look at Kakashi when he heard the illusion. They all think of Itachi Uchiha, who three years ago wanted to capture the nine-tailed human pillar force. "Akatsuki" has been dormant for so long and finally started to do it. It's the damage caused by the writing wheel eye. When he saw Kankuro, Kakashi came to a decisive conclusion. So All the people around the hospital bed looked at Kakashi, and their eyes clearly said, 'Now that you know, hurry to save people!' "This.." Kakashi turned to look at Sakura. He knew it, but it didn't mean that he would have medical treatment. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been tortured by Itachi for three days. Later, he was in bed and in a coma for so long. Finally, he was cured by Tsunade. I'll come Sakura nodded and motioned for the circle of people to disperse. "Lord Tsunade taught me that it's no problem to unlock this level of illusion." The medical treatment process is very smooth, watching Kankuro wake up, the medical ninja's admiration for Sakura has deepened a little. It's really not easy for such a young girl to reach this level, and Naruto, who is watching Sakura's treatment, feels that Sakura is becoming more and more attractive. Everyone is growing up in three years, so how are you, Sasuke? Naruto quietly clenched his fist at the thought of vowing to bring the man back to Konoha. It's Uchiha Sasuke! I won't admit my mistake. As soon as Kankuro woke up, his voice was hoarse and he said something that shocked everyone. "One of the three people who took my love was Uchiha Sasuke. I saw his face.". ” What did you say? How is that possible! Sasuke him, him. Naruto jumped to the bedside, and if he hadn't been stopped, he would have grabbed Kankuro's collar and shaken it. It can't be Sasuke, is it his brother? It is said that the two men look alike. Sakura also retorted that although the illusion caused by the writing wheel eye could not be wrong, it was certain who the user was. And from the bottom of their hearts, they reject that person as Uchiha Sasuke. Ah This level of illusion requires a kaleidoscope to write round eyes, Sasuke that boy. Kakashi scratched his hair and spoke as the two students watched. How can you Konoha people do this? Sha Ren was angry, Feng Ying was caught, and the reinforcements came to the enemy's side. I will definitely save my love Luo! But that man will never be Sasuke! Naruto's voice made everyone's eardrums buzz and made the ward silent for a moment. I can't be wrong. Kankuro drank a glass of water, and his voice calmed down and slowly recalled, "At that time, I caught up with him. The blond man who fought with my love Luo continued to walk forward. Waiting for me in situ was a hunched man with a bamboo hat. Next to him stood a man with a hood who could not see his face." (Naruto yells, "You said you didn't see the face!" Kakashi covers his mouth.) It seemed that the man with the bamboo hat was going to attack, but it seemed that they said something. When I was close to attack, the man with the hood took off his hat. It was Uchiha Sasuke's face, and then I saw the red eyes. The pattern is very strange. By the way,ultrasonic welding transducer, I seem to have seen his lips move, as if he was saying my name. "It could also be Uchiha Itachi?" "But how does Itachi Uchiha know Kankuro's name?" "The information of the investigation.." "What kind of pattern is it?" Kakashi put aside the argument around him and asked Kanjiulangdao. As far as he knew, Itachi's kaleidoscope eye was similar to a boomerang.