So I said with a faint smile, "It's just some models!"! To tell you the truth, I am also an amateur science enthusiast, and the reason why I came to you is that I have also done in-depth research on water energy! When I have nothing to do these days, I have browsed through all the high technology on Animas. With my excellent memory and some theoretical knowledge learned in previous lives, I have learned all these things in my mind. Because a lot of this knowledge is based on some advanced theories I learned in my previous life, and those advanced theories in my previous life are only introductory knowledge in these things! But even so, I also figured out ten, but want to make these things, or need the help of others, and Sun Sikong is just the right person! "What?" When Sun Sikong heard me say this, he immediately showed a very angry expression and shouted at me, "What do you mean by looking down on me?"? If you're not going to invest in me, just say so! Of course, Sun Sikong didn't believe me. I looked at the angry Sun Sikong, just very insipid to find out his research report on using water as energy, spread it out on the table,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and began to explain the above content. Sun Sikong from the beginning of the anger, slowly turned into surprise, to the end of the excitement is difficult to express. Because I have not only stated the main theory of his research, but also pointed out the mistakes of many details and supplemented his views! Of course, this is only a general, the animus people give me very detailed information, I can only say a general! That's great! That's great! Thank you so much! Come and study with me and be my assistant. No,ultrasonic spray nozzle, I'll be your assistant! This is simply great! Sun Sikong excitedly recorded my views on the paper and said to me. wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 047 Underworld Congress. Seeing Sun Sikong's appearance, I said with a wry smile, "Academician Sun, as I said, I'm just an amateur."! The research still needs you to complete, of course, I will give you what I know into information! "Well, with that, my research is not far from success!" Sun Sikong was disappointed to see that I had not agreed to his request to be my assistant, but he was very happy to see that I had promised to help him with his research! The next thing is the preparation of the laboratory, I asked Du Xiaowei to help me buy an island in the high seas, so that here is a private territory protected by international law, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, without the permission of the owner, can not go to the island at will! Although the price is high, it is nothing to me, the richest man in the world. As for security, I asked Du Xiaowei to send a team of loyal disciples to protect Sun Sikong's safety and the content of the experiment from being stolen! Since I taught Du Xiaowei the kung fu I created, he passed it on to the mercenaries under his life. Of course, some confidential things, such as the development of human spiritual energy, were only passed on to some of his own disciples. Although the mental strength of these people is like water drops and the sea compared with me, it is too easy to deal with ordinary people! Don't say I'm too tight, what I study here is the cutting-edge technology of the earth and even the universe, although there are no pirates in this era, but there are still many spy organizations! I don't want these things to get out too early! And this private army responsible for security is absolutely loyal. Du Xiaowei has added a spiritual mark to their brains when he teaches them the development of their spiritual abilities. The content of the mark is: to be absolutely loyal to Liu Lei and Du Xiaowei. If there is a conflict between their orders, Liu Lei's order will be the final order. This makes me very touched, it seems that Du Xiaowei is still very respectful to my granduncle. As for the construction of the laboratory, I referred to a lot of information about Animas Star and designed it with Sun Sikong. Many experimental equipment can not be bought on the market. Fortunately, Shuguang Group has a perfect production line. I directly handed over some parameters and requirements to the heavy equipment factory under Shuguang Group for customized production. I asked Sun Sikong to install other details by hand. Sun Sikong was very happy to see that I had prepared so well for him. As for whether it was an uninhabited island or not, he didn't care at all. As long as he could do research, he would not starve to death. I picked out some of the information that Animas Star had given me and printed it out and gave it to Sun Sikong, who held it in his hand as if he had got a treasure! I told Du Xiaowei's disciple that if Sun Sikong needed anything, he would try his best to satisfy him, and put a gold card with 5 billion cash here. And left my phone number to Sun Sikong. After all this, the gang convention is about to start. Of course, before that, I have one very important thing to do.. The people of the Black Alliance were afraid that Sanshi Gang would not go, so they sent someone to send another invitation. I was wondering why this black alliance was so considerate?! Don't think that the negotiations and confrontations between the underworld take place at night, which are all in novels or on TV. The time of the gang meeting was the same as that of the meeting of government officials. It was set at 8 a.m. in the conference room of Tianchen Hotel. The Tianchen Hotel was opened by XG and did not belong to any gang, so in order to maintain fairness, the location was set here. Early in the morning, I had breakfast and got on his extended version of the red flag with Guo Qing. The driver was Ma Qiang. We didn't take the other boys. It's no use having too many people on this occasion. Besides, if there's a real fight, I can handle it alone! As soon as I entered the hotel, I saw a line of men in black standing at the door as if no one was watching. The triad society of X is very arrogant and very flamboyant, and it is not as taboo as the mainland. The person of the doorway sees we walk over, stretch out a hand to stop us immediately: "Here had been wrapped by us, do not do business today!" "Egg!"! You're blind! Ma Qiang is not willing to see people actually dare to stop the boss and the chief, go up to give the man a flying kick, kick him to the somersault, casually threw the invitation on the ground. The man in black wanted to have an attack,ultrasonic generator driver, but as soon as he saw the name on the invitation, he immediately died! Three stone gang in XG is famous for its approachability to ordinary people, but it shows no mercy to other gangsters.