Stimulated by the fog, the gradually expanding golden ball began to slowly compress inward, and as the space was gradually compressed, the temperature in the golden ball also increased, and the wall of the furnace, which had been cast by the thousand-year-old black iron, began to slowly reveal a trace of red, which also showed that the flame from the furnace tripod had been partially transformed into three true fires by the compression of the variant golden ball. Although there is a world of difference with the power of the three flavors of true fire used by those great gods, after all, it already has the embryonic form of the three flavors of true fire. The three true fires are the primary flames of heaven, and their power can melt everything in the human world. Only the magic weapon above Lingbao can resist the heat and not be melted, and from the Laojun furnace, when they meet the three flavours of true fire, there is only a trace of red. It also indirectly shows that this Laojun furnace is at least an intermediate Lingbao. You should know that the three Lingbao issued by the top ten competitions held before are only primary Lingbao. The Laojun stove was burned by the true fire of the three flavors and gradually turned red, and the Huoyun boy looked out of the stove and turned into a reddish world, while the red breath in the golden ball brought a more dangerous breath to the Huoyun boy, and the breath just now was just a kind of pressure. Now the breath is completely a kind of just in the army after taking the head of the general said to send out the murderous look, a little timid I'm afraid will be scared into an idiot by this huge murderous look, but who is the fire cloud boy, if someone says he has not killed anyone, then say with a 20-year-old woman that he is still a virgin. Despite this murderous and unusually overbearing, the Fire Cloud Boy was able to resist, but even if he did, the whole face of the Fire Cloud Boy had become as red as a raging fire, as if it was about to explode at any time, and a more abstruse handprint than just now hit the wall of the furnace at the speed of dozens of seconds, and the old gentleman's furnace, which had been trembling, was inspired by these handprints. However, it became much smaller, and driven by the handprint, it began to rotate rapidly in the opposite direction of the flame vortex in the furnace tripod, and the three flavors of true fire that drifted around the outer wall of the Laojun furnace were pulled by the rotating force, all of which were attached to the furnace wall, and as the furnace wall rotated faster and faster. The flames that drifted outside the walls of the furnace were all transformed into three flavors of true fire for the first time. As the furnace tripod erupted again, the flame in the furnace tripod carried the three flavors of true fire outside the furnace wall like a flame wheel to collide with the golden light around it. The sound of the huge collision in imagination did not come out, but the silent collision was more intense. With the gradual intensification of the collision, the golden ball of God became flickering, as if it was about to break at any time. Fire cloud evil God to see the scene in front of him, the look on his face is also relaxed a lot, although after the war, fire cloud boy is afraid it is difficult to continue to fight in this competition to stand out, but can be in this level on contact with three flavors of true fire, for his future practice is bound to be twice the result with half the effort. However, when the Fire Cloud Evil God was thinking about his son's future development, a new situation appeared in the lava hell, Granite Slab Supplier ,Artificial Marble Slabs, only to see Chen's left hand turned over, palm down, a little golden light from Chen's palm, in a twinkling of an eye that golden light spread to Chen's whole body, with a flash of golden light, Chen had disappeared in place, appeared in the interior of the golden ball. At this time, it is already the second stage of the golden ball- "the shore of the earth, there is no royal minister". Chen Chen actually did not realize that this type of God brought by the first heavy of the emperor's kendo, is completely by virtue of the mind that a trace of domineering play out, so the God gold ball claimed to be able to annihilate the God of the first stage and can not completely suppress the strength and Chen Chen in the middle of the fire cloud boy, Chen Chen is now riding a tiger. I had no choice but to open the second stage of the golden ball of God, and the second stage of the golden ball of God is based on personal understanding, understanding, then you are God in the golden ball, can not understand, then the gold ball of God not only will not help themselves, but also will bring a huge counter-attack, and Dzogchen field. Because it is already in touch with the realm of God. After Chen Chen entered the golden ball, the flames of the riot, the rapid rotation of the furnace tripod, suddenly all came to a standstill, as if time had stopped at the moment, Chen Chen had entered a semi-confused state at the moment, his intention was not to use this move he had never used, nor would he use it, but it was inexplicably out of control. Up to now, it is not Chen Chen himself who is fighting with Huoyun Boy, but the remaining fighting intention in his mind is fighting with Huoyun Boy. At this time, Chen Chen is like standing on a high platform watching himself fighting with others, with an indescribable strangeness. At this time, although the golden ball is in a calm, but the surrounding stands are noisy, no one has seen this strange method, but no one doubts that this is not the real world of Taoism, because the golden ball is driven by the swordsmanship of the Son of Heaven, but whether it is to cultivate Taoism, Buddhism, or demons, or even martial arts, its essence is to enhance their own body. To say that the difference is their own emphasis is different, and with Chen Chen their present realm, unless it is a close fight to feel the power of the soul of war in their bodies from the flow of vitality, and now so far away, even the demon Hu Qingyun can not perceive the secret of the soul of war in their bodies. And Hu Qingyun is also frowning now, this move he seems to have seen there in general, it is a very (dazzle-book-net) vague memory, with Hu Qingyun's strength, even in recent hundreds of years of memory he is also clearly remembered, vague memory is probably his very (dazzle-book-net) when he was young. About the memory of this move in the end is where to see it,Carrara Marble Slab, Hu Qingyun thought about it and could not think of a clear answer, Hu Qingyun also had to give up thinking, continue to look at the two instrument dust array of this golden ball.