Looking from the bed, now the two people on the bed is like a pair of lovers in that hug to sleep in general, Jun Yuxuan a hand pressure in the head of Park Ji-yeon, a hand around her waist; and Park Ji-yeon is a bird shrinking in Jun Yuxuan these two hands surrounded by a small space, two people face to face, give outsiders the feeling is clearly lovers. Ha ha, go to bed. Good night, brother Yuxuan. Park Ji-yeon looked at Jun Yu-xuan with a happy face, and then put his little face together again. After kissing Jun Yu-xuan's lips like a chicken pecking rice, he said happily, then closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep. It was another morning, and this morning was a little special. It wasn't as sunny and cloudless as it was on TV. It was cloudy and thunderous. 'Boom 'Was another big symbol. Lightning came out of the thick clouds and roared loudly at the earth below. Ah, sister. Zheng Xiuyan seemed to hear her sister crying in her sleep. She was very sleepy and suddenly woke up. Now there was an extra body in the quilt next to her. After a slow look, Zheng Xiujing was lying there in a ball, whispering something in her mouth. Xiujing, what's wrong with you? Although still feel very sleepy, but Zheng Xiuyan is still very concerned about his sister said. When Zheng Xiujing heard Zheng Xiuyan's voice, she immediately raised her head and saw that her sister was squinting at her eyes, so she hugged Zheng Xiuyan fiercely, "Ah, sister, people are afraid of thunder, parents go to work again." "Well.." Just as Zheng Xiuyan was about to say something, a loud male scream suddenly came from the opposite room,pietra gray marble, which made Zheng Xiuyan, who was still squinting, open wide. Chapter 171 "Sex Scene". [Text Chapter 172 We Kissed] Chapter 172 we kissed. "Boom." With a thunder in the sky above, Jun Yuxuan also screamed, "Ah, this, this is how to return a responsibility." Jun Yuxuan looked at the little girl in his arms, his eyes wide open, and then fiercely moved back,Slate Wall Panel, 'pia' after a sound, not thunder, but the sound of Jun Yuxuan falling from the bed. Uh Park Ji-yeon rubbed his eyes, then slowly opened his eyes, and saw his brother Yuxuan sitting on the ground, looking at himself with a frightened face. Suddenly, Park Ji-yeon, who was not clear-headed, jumped out a sentence, "Ah, brother Yuxuan, hehe, rest assured, I will be responsible for you." [Search for the latest updates at shuhaige. Com] "What?"? Responsible for me? You? Who are you? What are you responsible for. And why are you in my room? How did I get back. Ah, headache. Jun Yuxuan after hearing Park Ji-yeon's words, no matter how old the girl is, immediately shouted loudly, white marble slabs ,Agate Stone Price, and then raised one question after another, and finally traced back to the root. Park Ji-yeon also woke up from the confused state she had just woken up, then looked at Jun Yuxuan on the ground, blinked a few times, immediately stood up from the bed, bowed to Jun Yuxuan from a commanding position, and said, "Ah, hello, brother Yuxuan, my name is Park Ji-yeon." …… Jun Yuxuan looked at the opposite girl who was eating breakfast, slowly lifted the glass of milk in front of him, and said lightly, "So, you sent me back last night, and Zaifan left in a hurry, is that right?" 。“ Well, that's it. After Park Ji-yeon finished drinking her own glass of milk, she nodded forcefully and looked at Jun Yuxuan with a happy face and answered. Oh. Then why did you say you were responsible for me when you got up this morning? Did I do something last night? 。 Jun Yuxuan was most confused and most afraid of this question, because when he was taking a bath in the bathroom just now, his clothes were not messy or torn, so he was very confused about Park Ji-yeon's question, but also very afraid, because if he really did something to the girl of junior high school size opposite. Then he really jumped into the Han River and could not wash away the charge. Oh, no, did brother Yuxuan see what I did last night? No, what should I do? Does my brother want me to explain it clearly now? Is this Yuxuan's brother's care for me? Park Ji-yeon was worried and afraid at one moment, but the next second she was so crazy that she misinterpreted Jun Yuxuan's words like this. After listening to his own words, the junior high school student named Park Ji-yeon, who was opposite Jun Yuxuan, had been staring at the empty cup that had finished drinking milk, so she was curious to recruit her hands in front of her eyes, "Well, you're all right, er, there's still milk, I'll go and pour you another cup." Without waiting for Park Ji-yeon to reply, Jun Yuxuan stood up and took the empty cup of Park Ji-yeon and walked in the direction of the kitchen. When he finished pouring the milk, it seemed that someone was knocking at the door. So he took a strange look at the entrance and said lightly, "It's strange that there is a doorbell. Why is it popular to knock at the door with your hand now?"? However, the voice is really small, coupled with the thunderstorm weather now, I do not know who it is, this time to find me. While saying this, Jun Yuxuan slowly held the glass of milk and walked to the door. What should I do? Do you want to tell brother Yuxuan? But what if my brother hates me after I say it? I wouldn't have done that last night if I had known. After seeing Jun Yuxuan walk through the kitchen, Park Ji-yeon immediately scratched her head in panic and worried about what she had done last night. Although she was still very happy, the simple child had completely misinterpreted what Jun Yuxuan had just said, so she was also worried about the consequences of what she had done. Jun Yuxuan, who came to the entrance, slowly opened the door and pushed it open to the outside. "Wow," suddenly, a head came out from behind the door, looking at himself with a grimace and shouting loudly in his mouth,White Marble Mosaic, "Ha ha, brother Yuxuan, I haven't seen you for a long time." 。 forustone.com