The original system's way of plundering is to plunder close to the other side, but with the development and growth of this kind of system, it has been possible to absorb the spirit of dragon and phoenix, take the eight characters of the birthday of the atmospheric transporter, so that the merit of the atmospheric transporter can be transited to the system and its bound host, thus becoming an atmospheric transporter, and through the cover of the spirit of dragon and phoenix, deceive the way of heaven. In this side, the world is booming. Fox Nineteen Niang was naturally unwilling at first, but unfortunately she had to bow her head under the eaves. The thing called the "system" really controlled the Fox Nineteen Niang, and when the Fox Nineteen Niang resisted again, the "system" hesitated and almost killed the Fox Nineteenth Niang. The fox nineteen Niang knew the fierce, can only bow to do the task. Even if the task is to ask her to seduce people with dragon spirit, through the love of bed, to absorb dragon spirit. Although Fox Nineteen Niang was born as a demon fox, she did not like this method of absorbing dragon gas in her heart. However, the threat of "system" is still there, so we can only endure and calculate with great concentration. When the "system" took the fox 19 Niang to four or five worlds, including two modern worlds, the fox 19 Niang became "well-informed" and finally began to guess what she had encountered. Then, the fox nineteen Niang, will be the "system" of some consciousness, to try to eliminate, oneself became the "system" of the real master, oneself with oneself through, now for a long time, the fox nineteen Niang also do not know whether he became the host of the system, or the system is unified. The demon fox clan is cunning and suspicious. After several worlds, the clever demon fox like Nineteen Niang can't find a solution all the time. After re-entering Xiuxian Avenue, she finally has to give up. Then, she began to learn the way the "system" threatened and used her at first, and began to use other people to travel through the world, through the use of the supporting role of the world, through which she gained the protagonist's luck and aura. I completely forgot how painful and desperate I was when I was treated like this. But this world, the fox nineteen Niang originally chooses the binding "host" is Murong Feng, and Murong Mian not only has the same father and half mother's kinship, but also is the key villain, very can let her obtain Murong Mian's big female main halo nearby. But before the binding, suddenly found far away in the south of Ye Yunping had been through, the fox nineteen Niang mind a turn, simply gave up Murong Feng, turned to bind Ye Yunping, intended to obtain the dragon gas and the big woman halo through Ye Yunping. Anyway, she already knew the eight characters of Murong Mian's birthday. After absorbing the dragon spirit, the practice made Murong Mian's luck gradually decline and turned to her. This was a very simple thing. As for Ye Yunping, digital signage kiosk , who is called "host" and is actually a "slave". Ha ha, the fox nineteen Niang never put in the heart. But like her former "slaves", in the end, not only did she run out of luck in this life, but she also ran out of luck when she was reincarnated. She had to turn around four or five times before she could stop all kinds of bad luck. Fox Nineteen Niang didn't want to say all these dirty things, but Fox Nineteen Niang was really "well-informed". She could not only recognize the identity of Ye Li's future emperor, but also recognize that the insect in front of her was fed by spiritual spring water, which also had an effect on it. On the contrary, she didn't hinder her too much. But didn't the future emperor say that? Give them both! Rao is the fox nineteen Niang is full of wisdom, in the face of such a powerful threat, only to reveal the truth. Even if she said everything, this one may not be able to accommodate her. But at least, it will give her a chance to return to reincarnation. Ye Yunping stood aside, foolishly listening to the little fox who used to be around her, only acting like a spoiled child and occasionally coming up with a "naive" idea. It turned out to be a former demon fox with a name, or a demon fox in human form in the realm of cultivation. It was clever and cunning. It was much smarter than her. She did not hesitate to calculate. Ye Yunping suddenly froze, staring at the little fox, even in front of Ye Li this "enemy" things have been forgotten. It was a long time before she murmured to Fox Nineteen Niang, "Why?" Fox Nineteen Niang licked her fiery red fox tail. The fox gave Ye Yunping a contemptuous glance and said carelessly, "Where is the reason?"? At the beginning, the'system 'forcibly bound me, so that I should not be called every day, when the call was ineffective, the'system' did not tell me why it did so. Why should I tell you why I should do this? Ye Yunping suddenly stepped back, not knowing what to say. Fox Nineteen Niang saw Ye Yunping so afraid, Maomao's fox face showed a sneer: "Wait, don't you also understand these?"? You take advantage of your familiarity with the plot, deliberately collude with the flower thief, forcing the flower thief to insult Murong Mian, is not the same reason? Ye Yunping opened her mouth to argue, but she could not say a word. Ye Li knew in her heart that there were so many whys? But that'system 'and today's fox nineteen Niang, just have such ability, just met the person who can help them earn luck and dragon gas, and then casually chose this person, casually use. It's just that Fox Nineteen Niang is superior and comes from the world of advanced cultivation. Therefore, after knowing that the system is not invincible, she kills the other side and controls the system herself. Now Fox Nineteen Niang is not only the system itself, but also the real host of the system. But Ye Yunping, as a traverser, came from the peaceful modern world. In her previous life, she was about an ordinary young girl. After traversing, she met Nineteen Fox Niang and thought she was the doomed protagonist of the world. She tried to seize the luck of Murong Mian, the heroine of a woman with four husbands, who she could not bear to see. She also wanted to be a prince of one of Murong Mian's original husbands. Hoping to become the mother of a country in the future.. For an ordinary traverser, this is actually a success. However, Ye Yunping met the fox Nineteen Niang. Fox Nineteen Niang wants the protagonist to be lucky, also wants the dragon spirit, but also expects the phoenix spirit. The more things she covets, the more bleak the end of Ye Yunping can only be. Ye Yunping is completely unaware of his fate, and still has some expectations for the Fox Nineteen Niang, but the Fox Nineteen Niang does not care about Ye Yunping at all.