But the broken army is different, there are still people who know the goods among the demons, of course, they see that the golden flame is the legendary Nanming from the fire, coupled with the crazy surge before the gathering place of Reiki, no matter who will add some confidence to him. Most importantly. Just seeing the tortoise elder's ruddy face, he knew that he must not have used the passage sealed on his body this time, so they could come back here because of the human youth. And Moxigan is extraordinary, to be able to become the patriarch of the demon clan, this vision is still there. He saw at the first sight that the broken army was unusual, otherwise he would not have greeted the human at the first time. Plus his brother's signal, as well as the tortoise elder secretly pointed out. It was strange that he did not know that the main force of the operation was the broken army. But even if all the things are solved, the demons agree to move, but it will take some time to really do it. After all, not all the members of the demon clan are here, and many of them have not returned from collecting herbs in the deep mountains. They had to wait for everyone to go together, or it would take more than a little bit of effort. Although the broken army is the master of the starry gate,digital signage screen, but he now relies on the strength of one person to open the passage, still a bit laborious. Turtle elders obviously understand this, so they will put forward the idea of walking together. But it is precisely because of this, those demons see through the eyes of the army will become more different. Someone who can be so respected by the tortoise elders. Then there is absolutely no problem. They completely put down the big stone in their hearts and packed up their belongings neatly. Half a month later, the members of the demon clan finally gathered. The broken army looked at the silent female demon standing beside him. His eyes flashed a faint admiration. It's not that she has a good figure or a good face, but that she has a seamless temperament that makes people want to look at her more unconsciously. And from her body,information kiosk price, there is a faint fragrance of medicine, which makes people feel comfortable when they smell it, and it seems that the blood vessels in the body become active in an instant. The broken army could not help but close his eyes and take a deep breath, but when he opened his eyes, he saw the banshee staring at him with a red face. At first he was a little puzzled, but after thinking about it, he found that his behavior just now was really abrupt, as if he was deliberately taking advantage of others. Salvia. Come here, Purple Ginseng is looking for you. A delicate voice came through the crowd, and the vitality of the voice made people smile. When the banshee heard this, she quickly turned around and ran over. The broken army stood there smiling, but she couldn't figure it out in her heart. It seems that these demons seldom have their own names, temperature scanning kiosks ,interactive kiosk price, and most of them are named after their own bodies. This Salvia miltiorrhiza should be a red ginseng, otherwise it would not emit such a strange medicinal fragrance. However, these newly formed goblins are somewhat worrying. Although he could guarantee that nothing would go wrong in the passage, the cultivation of these little guys was too low, and it was absolutely impossible for them to go to the polar plane without decades. The broken army thought about it and went to Turtle Yannian and said, "Elder Turtle, these little guys are in some trouble. You know the situation in the passage. Why don't we.." Before he could finish, Gui Yannian waved his hand and said, "I'll leave all these things to you. It's up to you. Anyway, just get rid of all these demons.". Don't forget that you promised me. With that, he walked away with a meaningful smile, but the trust in his expression was evident. The broken army has nothing to say, but the heart is warm. He found Moxigan, quickly gathered the goblins, and then, under the surprised eyes of the crowd, took them into the small world inside his body. He saw the stubborn fire spirit standing on one side, and a faint smile flashed in his eyes. The natural fire spirit is to take advantage of, just get a trace of Nanming from the tempering of the fire, then abruptly improved three stages. In front of the fire spirit has grown to the appearance of a teenager, his head still has flames flashing, but the flames have turned into a light blue gold, a look to know how much heat it contains. Salvia miltiorrhiza ran quickly to Huoling's side and reached out to poke him. She ordered quietly: "Go in quickly. Don't think I can't control you when I grow up. Be careful that I will never talk to you again." The flame on the top of the fire spirit's head trembled, but it still did not change its will. There was a flash of appreciation in the broken army's eyes. He calmly opened his mouth and said, "It doesn't matter. Let him go by himself. Just now, I can also see how much progress he has made." Salvia did not speak, but gave him a hard look. A timid little girl came out from behind her, but the girl's powerful aura made the broken army look at her differently. This little girl must be the purple ginseng mentioned by Salvia miltiorrhiza. As soon as she reached the fire spirit, the blue and golden flame on the top of the fire spirit's head flashed a dazzling red light. The broken army thought for a while and said, "You two can be together, so you can take care of each other.". Danshen, you go with the army, and we're ready to go now. Although it is difficult to open the starry gate, it is not difficult to maintain the passage behind the giant gate. The broken army just waved their hands, and the gate of the starry sky appeared on the demon's territory. Soon, he was the only one left in the vast territory. Just as he was about to enter the huge door, the small universe in his body suddenly trembled slightly. The broken army looked back doubtfully. The change in front of him stopped him at once. The door of the starry sky roared softly and slowly sank into his body at his signal. The broken army clearly felt the breath of the passage in his body, and in his heart he breathed a sigh of relief. But unexpectedly, when the starry gate disappeared in his body,facial recognition thermometer, the atmosphere in the territory suddenly became strange. The aura around it gradually shrinks to one place, and the scenery hidden in the aura slowly emerges. Among the green mountains and clear waters, there is a blue pearl as warm as jade. hsdtouch.com