Only then did Du Xiaoyu remember that he had forgotten it because he was too busy. He shook his head in shame, "Not yet!" Du Chengsong sighed with emotion, "well, it seems that there is still some waiting." Du Xiaoyu suddenly thought of something. He looked at Master Duan with burning eyes and asked, "Master, can you look at the day?" Master Duan nodded, "Yes." Du Xiaoyu said, "I'll call my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and Ah Fu later, and then write the eight characters of my birthday. Can the master help us calculate a good day to get married?" Master Duan nodded, "Since the girl has this need, I will choose a good day for you." Du Xiaoyu was so excited that she didn't find the smile in Du Chengsong's eyes. She quickly asked Shuisu to go to the old house to invite Ding Lizheng and Hu Shi. She herself rushed to the field and told Fu Liangxiao about her plan to invite the Feng Shui master beside Du Chengsong to watch the day. Fu Liangxiao crouched on the edge of the ditch to wash his hands, and after listening, his lips raised a mocking smile. He knew that the old fox would never let him marry Xiaoxiao so smoothly, and would certainly try every means to stop him. No, he came here without stopping at the beginning of spring. Quickly restrained thoughts, Fu Liangxiao followed Du Xiaoyu home, first went back to the room to change into clean clothes before coming to the hall. Ding Lizheng, Hu Shi,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, Ding Wenzhang, and Lian Shi were already sitting inside, and everyone saw Master Duan with a look of reverence on their faces. Du Xiaoyu went to the study to fetch a pen and paper, and wrote down the eight characters of his and Fu Liangxiao's birthdays on the paper and handed them to Master Duan. Master Duan took a look and suddenly frowned. Du Xiaoyu looked at him nervously. "What's wrong?" Ding Lizheng and several others were so anxious by Master Duan's reaction that their hearts were hanging in their throats. Master Duan slowly put down the two pieces of paper, then looked at Du Xiaoyu and said, "The girl's zodiac sign is in conflict with this year's zodiac sign. This year is not suitable for marriage." "Huh?" Du Xiaoyu exclaimed, "is there such a fastidious one?" Ding Lizheng answered, "Yes,S Adenosyl Methionine, my daughter, since the master has said that this year is not suitable for marriage, then you see.." "Forget it. If you can't do it, you can't do it. Let's talk about it next year." Du Xiaoyu is discouraged. Du Chengsong took the opportunity to throw a calculating smile at Fu Liangxiao. Fu Liangxiao had no reaction, his mood was very weak, although he was very upset by his father-in-law's calculation, but the old fox should not have thought that the master Duan had helped him, just as he was worried that he could not find an excuse to extend the wedding date, so it was very good! Thinking of this, Fu Liangxiao slowly raised a smile on his lips. 143, Weng son-in-law daily bicker, go to Beijing? Du Chengsong specially turned such a big bend to bring Master Duan in order to stop the wolf cub of the King of Chu from easily taking his precious daughter away, but unexpectedly did not see Fu Liangxiao show a deflated look, which made Du Chengsong choke. However, Theobromine Powder ,Sex Enhancement Powder, since Master Duan said in front of everyone that his daughter was not suitable for marriage this year, and looking at her reaction, he would not agree to get married this year in any case, that was enough. Within a year, he would think of the safest way to recognize his daughter, and then take the time to bring her back to the capital. As long as he entered the Du family compound, even if he had wings, he could not fly in close to his daughter. Du Xiaoyu did not see the invisible war between the eyes of this pair of future son-in-law, only felt a burst of depression, why did she have an illusion that her marriage was not going well? It seems that everything is ready, but at the last moment, there are such and such problems to stop it. It is extremely difficult to get married. After thinking about it, Du Xiaoyu was still unwilling and looked at Master Duan again. "Master, can't you get married if this zodiac sign conflicts with each other?" "Yes." Master Duan nodded, his eyes were Pure Brightness, and he could not see any trace of lying and fooling people. "If this situation is forced into marriage, everything will go wrong at home in the future." This sentence, really frightened Du Xiaoyu, she forced a smile, "OK, I know." It's okay to get married slowly, but the family must be harmonious and smooth, otherwise life will be difficult. Will it be all right next year? Lian Shi suddenly asked. Du Chengsong's eyelids jumped. Master Duan nodded with a smile, "next year, as long as you choose a good day, the girl can be a bride with peace of mind." "That would be great." Lian said with a smile, "We just have a lot of things to do at home this year, and we don't want our sister's marriage to be too hasty. Next year, we'll have a lot more time, and we'll have time to get everything ready." Ding Lizheng and Hu also nodded in agreement. With the success of the trick, Du Chengsong's heart was naturally happy, but his face looked very regretful. "It seems that I have to drink Miss Du's wedding feast next year." Du Xiaoyu came to his senses and said awkwardly, "I didn't expect things to turn out like this. I let the Third Master down." Du Chengsong comforted her, "Marriage is a lifelong marriage event, naturally have to be careful, the girl can choose the best day to get married, I am happy for you from the bottom of my heart, bless you, how can I say disappointed?" Du Xiaoyu was surprised. Du Chengsong coughed, "I mean, even if we don't have a cooperative relationship, I will see that we come from the same surname and hope that the girl will be good." Du Xiaoyu nodded. "Thank you, Third Master, for your good words." After the marriage was delayed, Du Xiaoyu didn't have much time to be depressed. He gave Du Chengsong to Ding Li and greeted them. He stood up and went back to the field with Fu Liangxiao. Du Chengsong could not sit still and said he would go with them. Du Xiaoyu didn't refuse. Out of the gate, Du Chengsong was far behind Du Xiaoyu and Fu Liangxiao, and his eyes wished he could poke a hole in Fu Liangxiao's back. Fu Liangxiao didn't have to look back to know that his father-in-law was so angry that his nostrils were smoking when he saw him walking so close to Xiao Xiao. He simply got closer and walked side by side with Du Xiaoyu. From the back,Glucono Delta Lactone, the back of the two people is particularly intimate. Du Chengsong clenched his fist. The king of Chu was a wolf cub with a big appetite. Sooner or later, he would have a good taste of a mouthful of thorns. Du Xiaoyu was not used to Fu Liangxiao's sudden approach. He slanted his head and asked him, "What's wrong?" Fu Liangxiao smiled and looked like he was in a good mood.