In the air, Cussler looked coldly at the battle below, the Milanese became more overbearing than at the beginning, although the Flor army launched a wave of attacks like a tide, but whether it was those not advanced magic flying out of the city or arrows, throwing stones to the Flor army brought huge casualties, a body constantly appeared, a life gradually left. These are the sons of Flor, watching this scene happen with his own eyes, which makes Cussler heartache like a knife, but what can he do? If we can't win the battle in front of us, the blow to Flo will only be greater. Ready, let's invite the Milanese to taste the taste of the wind curse. I don't believe that the magicians in Milan still have the ability to block. This is not the first time that the curse has appeared on the battlefield of this battle. Like the original Ming lifted the ground, Purple Tornado Laser Chop and Ye Yinzhu's Nothingness Blade, all of them are forbidden spell level damage. But on the side of the Kingdom of Flo, the only one who can really cast the forbidden spell is the Purple Star Dragon Rider, Flo Marshal Cussler. Of course, it was not he himself who launched the forbidden curse,Thyroid Powder Factory, but the elder of Fenglong City who stepped down. After many days of fighting, the physical exertion of the wind dragons is undoubtedly enormous, so the power of riding a single dragon with Cussler is not enough to launch a forbidden spell. After all, the wind dragon is not the superior dragon clan, even if it is the elder level, it is not as easy as the silver dragon to launch the forbidden curse. However, there are three other dragons here,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and their participation has also turned the difficulties into reality. A deep dragon voice sounded in midair, a place that neither magicians nor archers could attack in the city of Sforte. The four dragons sang at the same time, which immediately condensed the wind elements in the air. The condensation of the wind element is different from the magic elements of other attributes. They are constantly appearing in a hovering state, and the magicians or dragons who sing magic are the core of these hovering wind elements, in which they borrow the power of these wind elements. With their own energy as a guide, they can send out powerful magic. The wind in the air became more and more violent, and what Cussler wanted to perform was one of the most domineering large-scale forbidden spells of wind magic, relying on four wind dragons to exert their power at the same time. At this point, they can complete this terrible magic. When the time comes. Nine huge tornadoes will appear in the city of Sforte. The hurricane, which was enough to sweep all the fortifications, would bring devastating disaster to the Milanese. This is not the first time that Cussler has launched a forbidden spell, and it is precisely because of the forbidden spell he launched. The sorcerer of the Eastern Legion suffered heavy losses. After the first battle, there were more than two hundred magicians left in the city. But without the help of Ye Yinzhu, L Methylfolate Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, Zi and Ming, every time Kusler launched the forbidden spell, he could only rely on the magic shield launched by these magicians to resist it. Although they successfully withstood the power of the curse several times, their magic power was exhausted in the face of the terrible power of the curse. The overdrawn magicians also left the world one by one. However, they also use their own power to minimize the power of the forbidden spell, otherwise, really let a forbidden spell fall on the naked city of Sforte. That's thousands of casualties. And most of all. The forbidden curse is likely to destroy the wall. When the time comes, the Eastern Legion will really have no power to resist the army of Flor. The last time Cussler cast a forbidden spell was two days ago. After two days of rest. His riding partner had already accumulated his magic power to a certain extent, and with the help of the other three wind dragons, he immediately raised his magic power to the limit. Make the power of this large-scale forbidden spell reach its peak. The growing hurricane in the air, the Milan generals on the city's head naturally saw, Ancelotti's face changed greatly, of course, he knows what kind of state his magicians are in now. As one of the biggest attack outputs in the battle, the remaining eighty or so magicians were all deeply tired, and the curse came again. What power could they use to stop it? Launch the magic defense again, no matter whether it can resist this forbidden spell or not, the remaining eighty magicians will not be spared. "It seems a little far." A deep voice sounded in Ancelotti's ear as he was urgently thinking about whether to let the magicians launch the final defense. When Ancelotti looked sideways, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the three-meter-tall giant did not know when he had arrived at Chengtou. Although five days have passed, but five days ago, the mountain giant Ming Nali champion of the three armies, with the strength of his arms, the earth-shaking scene of blocking the enemy has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of Milan soldiers. See his appearance, city head immediately a cheer. In their eyes, Ming is almost like a God. Ancelotti noticed the growing hurricane in the air, and Ming, who had just recovered his strength, naturally saw it. With the strength of his mythical beast, he could see that this soldier had a wide range of wind curses. What he said was a little far away, for his own lightning attack. In order to control the overall situation and get out of the attack range of all Milan's attack means, Cussler and his dragoons were at a height of 1000 meters. Although Ming's one-eyed thunder is powerful, the distance of kilometers is still a little farther. Mr. Ming, have you recovered? Although Ancelotti knew that Ming was a subordinate of Ye Yinzhu, he did not dare to neglect him at all. He hurried up to Ming's side and asked respectfully. With a simple and honest smile, Ming nodded and said, "My body is all right. Is the marshal worried about those reptiles in the sky?"? Don't worry. Leave it to me. As he spoke, the light in Ming's eyes suddenly became strong, and his two eyes gradually merged into one, restoring his single eye. Then, he raised his hand and gently wiped it at the single eye, and suddenly there was something more in his hand. It was a pointed hammer,D BHB Factory, which looked nothing strange, with a faint layer of thunder and lightning flowing on it, and the energy fluctuations of the burst seemed to be suppressed by some kind of force.