The woman was startled by the sudden sound of the night dye, and after reacting, the night dye had already walked ahead, leaving them with only a red figure. Shrink into inches? Long Wufeng's eyes narrowed slightly and his voice was slightly incredible. 'Shrink The ground into an inch 'is a common move in the mainland of Cangming, but only those above the innate master can practice, and the night dye seems to be only a seventh-order warrior, right? Walking outside a courtyard, Ye Ran turned around and motioned to Long Wufeng to knock on the door, while she continued to yawn sleepily. For three days and three nights without sleep, it was really too sleepy to allow her to be lazy for a while before the business began to talk. Long Wufeng frowned a little, but without saying anything, he knocked directly on the gate of the courtyard: "President, the night dyeing spirit medicine man has arrived." Long Wufeng's voice just fell, an internal force opened the door, followed by a slightly dignified voice: "Let her come in." Long Wufeng looked at Ye Ran. Ye Ran gave him a smile and shrugged his shoulders into the courtyard. The president was a master. In the middle of the courtyard, under a willow tree, an old man sat on a chair with a chess game in front of him. The old man did not look up at the night dye, but toward the direction of the night dye, a sunspot popped up. As soon as the night dye right hand grasps, hits the eye to sweep the chess game in front of the old man,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the lip angle light hook, the finger flicks, accurately in the hand sunspot down to the chess game, next second, the night dye then sat to the old man's opposite, holds the sunspot. The old man still did not look at the night dye, and a white seed fell with it. Night dyed eyebrows, look at the chess game,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, continue to walk down the sunspot. The old man looked at the whole situation, and the night dyeing was orderly. An hour later, after the old man's white hair fell, Ye Ran shook his head and said, "It was the younger generation who lost." "Do you know where you lost?" The old man raised his head and looked at the night dye for the first time. When Ye Ran saw the old man's eyes, her heart was calm. She knew that the old man had something to say, so she did not open her mouth to answer. Sure enough, the old man just took a faint look at the night dye, and then the line of sight fell on the chess game, the old man said lightly: "From the beginning did not want to win, how can you win?" Night dye body shape a meal, just a moment then chuckled: "Some situations must win.". However, in some cases, winning is not a good thing. The old man raised his head and looked deeply at the night dye with black eyes. The night dye also returned to the old man's calm eyes. What's the matter with the old man? The old man withdrew his eyes, Kava Root Extract ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, his eyes flickering with a trace of appreciation, and then asked in a deep voice. Night dye raises eyebrow, does this old man know that her high profile action is to draw out him this Dan medicine guild president? The old man received the question of the night dye, but did not speak, such a girl with everything in an orderly manner, so high-profile in front of the whole mainland to smash the scene of their elixir guild, and show such superb alchemy, not to attract him to appear, but why? "yuan Ling Dan." The night dyed half narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice. The old man frowned slightly and raised his eyes to signal the night dye to go on. yuan Ling Dan has a big problem, or so to say, all the young girls who have taken yuan Ling Dan to hit the peak bottleneck of the fourth order warrior, or consolidate their strength, will not be able to break through the dream level warrior in the future! Originally there was no anger, but at the thought of the problem of yuan Lingdan, the nameless fire came out! As soon as he pounded the table, Ye Ran stood up and said angrily, "Do you know how many children can be destroyed because of this elixir?!" As a healer and alchemist, the most intolerable thing for Ye Ran is to see his colleagues call innocent people victims because of their stupidity! As for Ye Ran's anger and impoliteness, the old man only frowned slightly. Hearing Ye Ran's words, the old man did not agree: "There is no problem with yuan Lingdan.". ” No problem, no problem. Listening to the old man's words, Ye Ran couldn't help but burst out with a foul language: "It's no problem to go to TNN!"! President of the elixir guild, if you dare to continue to sell yuan Ling Dan on the mainland, I swear that if you don't destroy your elixir guild, this girl will follow your surname! She exposed her alchemy strength in order to establish some authority on the mainland, and then met the president of the elixir guild and told him the problem of the elixir as a high-level alchemist. However, the night dye never thought that the old man did not ask what the problem was, but directly said that there was no problem with their elixir! Really She's so angry! The old man frowned. Unexpectedly, Ye Ran said something so crazy and absolutely. At that moment, he took back his dissatisfaction slightly and asked lightly, "What's the problem?" "In the elixir of the yuan Dynasty, the ancient dead wood is a very suitable spiritual object of heaven and earth, but you should not mix the bewitching fruit into it. The attributes of the bewitching fruit and the ancient dead wood are completely mutually exclusive. Don't you know?!" Ye Ran took a deep breath and calmed down a little. She was very angry and annoyed. She was so disappointed by the elixir guild in the mainland of Cangming. The elixir is expensive. It's OK. After all, every guild, business group and family needs huge expenses. But if the elixir guild is not responsible for its own elixir. "The bewitching fruit can help break through, and the ancient dead wood can warm and nourish the meridians and Dantian. I don't think there is any restriction between the two." There was a trace of coldness in the old man's eyes, and it seemed to him that the night dye was completely looking for the bad luck of the elixir guild at this time. Xiao Qiong and Kaka's eyes flashed a cold killing intention, but they did not speak, but sat quietly beside them. And when Ye Ran heard the old man's words, he laughed instead of being angry. There was nothing to restrain each other, right? "How about we do an experiment?" The night dye sat back on the chair and looked up at the old man, with a slightly evil smile and a trace of sarcasm and disdain. What experiment? Obviously, the expression of the night dye angered the old man, who had a very high position in the alchemy world, but was being preached and questioned by a little girl at the moment,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, how could he not be angry? "Let me show you what will happen when the bewitching fruit and the ancient dead wood meet together!" With a cold smile, he took out a bewitching tree and a piece of ancient dead wood from the space ring and placed them on the table. The old man raised his eyebrows and looked at the movements of the night dye, but did not speak. He also wanted to see what tricks the girl who dared to question him could play.