Peng Cheng is not very stable recently. Because the imperial court decided to open the Wei Canal and Longshou Canal, the people who had lived in the area where the canal passed were dispersed and moved. As a result, some refugees entered Pengcheng, and the number of beggars on the streets increased day by day. For Chen Jiao, the word "refugee" is more of a literal concept and a physical image in movies and television, but it is the first time that she has personally come into contact with these refugees. The glassy eyes of the skinny children and the desire for food in their eyes hurt her heart. At first, she just gave the food to the poor children, but as the number of refugees increased, more and more people gathered around the coal line to wait for food. Has been following Chen Jiao side, acting as her bodyguard Zhuang Xin told this situation to Li Xi. After dinner, Li Xi specially called Chen Jiao to the study. Jiaojiao, do you often give food to the beggars in the city recently? Li Xi quietly looked at the anxious Chen Jiao in front of her, saw her nod, continued to say, "Now there are more and more refugees, and the weather is getting warmer, the profit of the coal line is getting thinner, it is impossible to support so many people." "I know it's better to give a man a fish than to teach him to fish." After hearing this, Chen Jiao said in a hurry, "I'm already trying to find a way to make them regenerate themselves." "Jiaojiao!" Li Xi held Chen Jiao's shoulder. "You can't do that again.". You are Shi-eun, do you know? "Shien?" Chen Jiao looked at Li Xi doubtfully, not understanding what he was saying. Listen, Jiaojiao, gather up the refugees and take care of their food,oil dropper bottle, clothing, shelter and transportation. This should not be done by any individual. These are the affairs of the court. Even if the vassal kings, if they interfere too much in this matter, it will be regarded as the city's grace, is to buy people's hearts, heresy, do you understand? "What?" Chen Jiao did not understand why her sympathy had turned into heresy. The king of Chu always had the reputation of loving the people like a son. Why did he turn a blind eye to the refugees who came under his rule? Have you thought about it? He did it to avoid suspicion. The refugees were displaced by the imperial court. What would the refugees think if they were able to settle down because of the king of Chu or anyone else? What will the court think? You can't do what the king of Chu can't do, do you know? Li Xi does not want to see Chen Jiao in this matter deeper and deeper, can only spare no effort to wake her up, "you give them food every day, now a large number of refugees gathered here, is not right.". As for finding ways for them to be self-reliant, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, it is even more inappropriate. "Is it because of this that we should turn a blind eye to the lives and deaths of so many people?" Chen Jiao felt that her voice was very difficult. She seemed to see the world clearly for the first time. Human life was so humble. It was just a natural victim of the power struggle. Jiaojiao, most of the time, we can't do anything. Li Xi felt heartache, for Chen Jiao's expression of waking up from a dream, for the innocence he broke with his own hands. But, but I can't, "Chen Jiao shouted at Li Xi. She needed a way to vent. She was too panicked." I can't take other people's blood for granted. " She began to run out, as if there was something behind her that could devour everything. Li Xi did not stop her, but said to a corner of the study, "follow her and protect her secretly." A dark shadow flashed by. Husband, will your sister be all right? Zhang Cui, who had been observing outside the window, asked worriedly. Li Xi was no less worried than she was. With a long sigh, he said, "She will be all right.". That's how we all got here, isn't it? Zhang Cui put her head on her husband's shoulder and was silent. After coming to ancient times, Chen Jiao came into contact with Li Xi and others, in addition to the slaves and eunuchs who could never speak in the palace. Under the protection of Li Xi, her world has always been gentle. However, the reason why evil is terrible is that it will tear the softest part of people's hearts when they least expect it. Chen Jiao's heart is being hurt by the unspoken rules of the ancient world at the moment, and the blood is dripping. In the Han Dynasty, street markets were closed at night. Therefore, when the sky is dark, there are few extra pedestrians except the homeless, and even beggars will be driven to a place in the east of the city. Chen Jiao ran all the way to the pharmacy, when she stopped, in the silence, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of her own panting. Looking at the desolate streets and thinking of the people in rags, she was in a daze. Sister Fairy! Sister Fairy! A tender voice sounded in her ear, pulling her back to reality from her confusion. A child about 7 or 8 years old appeared in her sight, and his small body was shivering. Son, what are you doing here? Where are your parents? "Chen Jiao picked up her mood and bent down to ask the child." Zhen'er is going to the coal shop to wait for the fairy sister. Zhen'er has no parents. Said the little boy who called himself my son. How can a son have no parents? How did you get here? "My son was born without a father, and the uncles said that he was gone when he was still in his mother's womb.". Mother was with her son, but one day she disappeared. I asked my aunt, they always cry. Everyone said that the emperor was going to build a big canal, so the uncles were going to leave the village. They said that they could not stay in the village alone and would go with them. So we came here. Although she was dressed in rags, she obviously had a good upbringing and answered questions in an orderly manner. It turned out to be a poor child whose father died early, whose mother disappeared, and who fled here with his neighbors. Sister Fairy, were you crying just now? The son stretched out his little hand timidly and stroked Chen Jiao's face. No,Glass Cosmestic Containers, no. Holding the cold little hands in her palm, Chen Jiao shook her head, "Why do you call me Fairy Sister?" 。