"It's really him. I thought the person who painted him was exaggerating, but I didn't think he was really so handsome. He looks better than the painting.". For these warblers and swallows, Yang Tian didn't take it to heart. His eyes were always on Su Xiang'er. Seeing Su Xiang'er walking farther and farther, Yang Tian opened his mouth wide. She didn't see me? He thought that now he was in Tongjiang University, no matter where he hid, how low-key, he would be like a firefly in the dark, so bright, so outstanding, but he didn't think that there was really no bird of his own! And it's Xiang'er. Sister Xiang'er, is that you? Yang Tian walked quickly behind Su Xiang'er. Uh Su Xiang'er frowned, is that him? Is that him? The voice was so familiar to him that it would linger in her ears every night. Su Xiang son endure inner excitement, turned his head, she has come to school for a week, this week is suffering, she every day at noon will seem to have no intention of waiting downstairs in the Xuehai teaching building, but did not see this man. It's him, it's him, and there's still a kind of evil smile on his lips. Sister Xiang'er, it's really you. Why are you here? Yang Tian had an excited and confused expression. Well,Portable gold trommel, I think I should.. "Let's walk and talk!" Without waiting for Su Xianger to finish his words, Yang Tian laughed. Uh Su Xiang nodded. I'll treat you to dinner! Su Xianger felt that he could not be restrained, otherwise he would not see his intention to come to Tongjiang University? He smiled at Yang Tiandao. Ok Yang Tian said happily that his pocket was flat recently, and he had not yet gone to the company to ask Mingyue to reissue the bank card. The two walked out of the school. Su Xiang'er said with a smile, "Last Sunday, I went to the Taekwondo Hall to watch your match." Uh? Where did you go? Yang Tian frowned and sighed that he had failed, but he didn't see her. On that day,tin beneficiation plant, the Taekwondo Hall was packed with people next to each other. Yang Tian didn't expect Su Xiang'er to go. It was really not easy to find one person in a thousand heads. How's it going? How do you feel? Yang Tian asked with a smile. Giggle, I think you are so funny, and I got a set of Xu Wenqiang's clothes to come out, which is a farce. Su Xiang'er could not help laughing when she remembered what had happened that day. Is that Zhao Shanhe a farce? Hard to hit my brick, made a head broken and bleeding to know that the original brick can break the martial arts. Yang Tian raised his neck and said. Cluck, you still make a serious, I know you are intentional, deliberately lead Zhao Shanhe to hit your brick. Su Xiang'er debunked that she didn't believe that it was a matter of taking a brick to visit a thief on a sunny day and treating a backache. Hey, hey, you found it! Yang Tian smiled and said that he did not want to hide it, which was not a shameful thing. They entered a small restaurant at the school gate. It was originally a quiet restaurant. After sitting down for two minutes on a sunny day, it became overcrowded. Students from Tongjiang University swarmed in. Although the food in the school canteen was not expensive, some students did not want to eat in the canteen because it was really not very delicious. Sister Xiang'er, did you quit your job as a teacher at Mingxin High School? Yang Tian asked, tin beneficiation plant ,mineral flotation, pretending not to know. Yes, I think I'm still young, and I should supplement my knowledge from school. Su Xiang'er deepened her dimples, and the word "young" meant something, implying something in the sunny day. After that, we are alumni, not teachers and students. Yang Tian smiled and said a meaningful sentence back to Su Xiang'er. Su Xianger took a deep breath. Was he hinting something to himself? Not sure, Su Xiang'er raised her head and looked relaxed. She said to Yang Tian again, "Yes, Hualei and you are in the same department!"! Will she be angry if you run away without permission? "Xiaolei has gone to Changshan City." Uh? I remember Xiaolei applied for Tongjiang University! And was admitted, or the kind of full scholarship bar! "Xiaolei went to Northeast Normal University, which is a national key university. It's good for Xiaolei to study there. She can also learn more from cities bigger than Tongjiang City.". Yang Tian said with a smile, this matter let Yang Tian remember in his heart, no matter how the person behind the scenes, there is cause and effect, when he reveals his intention, he will know. Su Xiang's heart trembled, these days, she has been considering whether her decision is correct, he has a girlfriend to accompany him, how can he intervene? She just wanted to look at this man in Tongjiang University and be satisfied. She didn't want to make herself so painful, but she didn't know if it would be more painful when she came to Tongjiang University and saw Yang Tian and Hualei kissing me. Girlfriend is not around, the mood is very lost, right? Quack Su Xianger covered her mouth and smiled, hiding the stormy waves in her heart. What should she do? The flower bud is not around him, can you do that? Su Xiang's brain immediately appeared in the voice of the two poles, or not? Chapter 242 the pursuit of fans. "I was in a bad mood, but when I saw you today, I was in a good mood again.". Yang Tian said with a smile. No, as the voice of the sun fell, Su Xianger's tangled heart had the answer, she told herself, can't do that, he is a girlfriend after all. Don't be garrulous. Let's eat! By this time, the waiter had brought the dishes they had ordered, and Su Xiang picked up her chopsticks and began to eat with her head down. Yang Tian congealed his brows, thinking that even if Su Xiang'er did not express his love to him, he would also signal to him, but he did not expect to be so calm. The two of them talked and laughed, but Su Xianger did not mention anything about her feelings, not even an obscure word. Yang Tian is also very helpless, Xiang'er came to Tongjiang University to study just for herself! Why are you so calm? He just talked about the old days with himself, as if their relationship was just a friend. If it is because Xiaolei is at school, then Yang Tian can understand that Su Xianger does not want to get involved in other people's feelings,magnetic separator machine, but now Xiaolei is not around her, she is still so evasive. Ah Yeah, it's like that. ore-magnetic-mining.com