This is a magazine dedicated to explaining gambling stones, where high-priced jadeite has appeared recently, as well as some celebrities in the world of gambling stones! Lin Qi pulled Lolo down the lower berth, said to look together, Lolo for this guy no way, throw to Lin Qi another magazine, let this guy look. The twenty-eighth chapter of the main text does not lie to parents. It took 17 hours to arrive in Xi'an. It was more than ten o'clock in the morning when we arrived in Xi'an. It was also a sunny day! Two people who have had enough rest on the train are in a good mood now, but Lolo feels that he must have a meal now, too hungry, those snacks are not enough to eat at all! Lin Qi and Lolo are different, a happy face followed behind Lolo, out of the platform, from the long exit of Xi'an Railway Station slowly to the outside, the speed of passengers walking in that passage is really not a fast ah! The flow of people is extremely strong. Out of the station, I saw a lot of people outside, which was really a headache, but Lolo still saw her mother and. A father standing by, craning his neck and looking up. Lolo ran over and hugged his mother happily, "Mom, Dad, I miss you so much!"! Mom, I haven't eaten the food you cooked for a long time. I won't let you come. Look at the crowd here. Dad, hurry up. Let's leave here first! Mom has a lot to say to you! Then let's talk as we go. Luo Ma looked at her daughter's smiling face and giggled happily. She hadn't seen her daughter's mood for a long time. It was really painful. She felt relieved when she saw that moment. Dad didn't say a word, but looked at Lolo. "Where's your luggage? Dad's carrying it for you." Lolo was stunned, looking back at Lin Qi standing behind, Lin Qi was carrying Lolo and his two small bags! Looking very light, Lolo pointed to Lin Qi behind him to show his father, "The luggage is in his hand, he is my classmate." They all have a transfer to prove what they are not classmates. Ha Luo father and Luo mother between the expression is very wonderful, it seems that the daughter did not expect to have a foreign classmate, the degree of surprise is evident. Luoluo touched the back of his head, "His family is not in China, and there is no place to go during the summer vacation. I feel sorry for him, so I brought him back and let this Italian boy see our most beautiful Chang'an!" "Can he speak Chinese?" Luo Ma looked at the blonde boy standing behind Lolo with a strange face. Yes, Lin Qi, don't call people, call uncle and aunt. Lolo directed Lin Qi to call people. Just now, because Luoluo spoke Shaanxi dialect, Lin Qi heard it in a fog. Now, he spoke Mandarin and understood what he said. He immediately obeyed the instructions and called out cleverly: "Hi, uncle and aunt." Hold out your hand very strictly to shake hands. Luo's father and mother have basically never shaken hands with anyone in their lives. Standard rural people, what do they do to shake hands! But in the face of the blond boy's outstretched hand, he couldn't help but reach out and shake his hand, murmuring from time to time, "Good, good." It turns out that this foreigner can speak Chinese, Narrow aisle rack , which is really great! However, the two men were still a little trembling in action, shaking hands with foreigners for the first time. This side of the road is quite long, along the way, Lolo and his mother and father kept talking about some miscellaneous trifles, Lin Qi followed behind from time to time, saw the legendary wall, heart said, this is what Lolo said on the train that magnificent Xi'an wall, so tall ah.. It looks very old, and our Colosseum in ancient Rome.. It seems to be the same beauty. Luoluo asked how they got here, and Luoma said happily that it was a man from the village who wanted to drive to Xi'an in the morning, and by the way, it was a small bread from Changhe. Lolo thought that maybe it was time to buy a car for their family, otherwise it would be inconvenient for their father and mother to go anywhere else. She suddenly had an idea, "Dad, are we going home today?" "Why don't you go home?" Luo's father looked at his daughter in silence and said, "What is this question?"? "I invite my father and mother to rub a meal, hey!" Lolo said with a smirk. Dad Luo's stiff eyebrows wrinkled. "Where did you get so much money?" "I earned it, and I'll tell you the details when we eat." Lolo winked at her father. Luo's father also knew that the girl would not lie to him, and that her own daughter knew very well that she would never do anything out of line! So what do you want us to eat? Liangpi, rou Jia Mo and so on. Near the train station. Luoluo murmured, remembering what others had said before that there was a very delicious Haidilao hot pot on Jiefang Road. She turned to Lin Qi and said, "Eat hot pot." Lin Qi nodded and said yes. Lolo directly stopped a taxi, Luo Dad saw Lolo this big, can not help but a little angry, this girl, spend money, take the bus is not the same? Forget it, just go home, don't talk about money with this girl, wait to go home slowly. There is a Haidilao on Jiefang Road, where Luoluo's destination is, but on the way she saw a very delicate storefront with the words "House of Emerald Stone". The storefront is antique! Very elegant. Lolo saw a lot of people walking to the shop, and there was a pickup truck at the door moving stones from above, Lolo could not help thinking, is there a gambling stone here? No way! Surprise is surprise, everything is secretly curious in my heart. The taxi soon arrived at the door of Haidilao. Luoluo took out his wallet to pay. The red ones in his wallet were exposed one by one. Luoluo's father was speechless. There were a lot of red hair! This wench, don't do any business in Shanghai?! No, no, she's at school.. Entering Haidilao, I saw a scene full of people. The waiter came immediately. Lolo said he wanted a private room. Fortunately, there was still a private room! The whole family is sitting here eating. Ordered a Mandarin duck pot, and then ordered some meat and all kinds of dishes, the table is full! Luo Dad and Luo Ma as an ordinary person, generally speaking, will not come to this place to eat well, are a little nervous, but it is a private room, there is no such concern. Lolo asked the waiter to go out, not to wait beside him, so as not to make people uncomfortable.