"Later, the prime minister returned to the capital with the late emperor. The prime minister was a capable man who had repeatedly rendered meritorious service. Relying on his own strength, he finally became the prime minister.". In the rebellion of Youcheng, thanks to the prime minister standing on the side of the emperor, the emperor could ascend the throne. Liu Shu listened carefully, so it seems that the emperor's previous relationship with her father should be good, and the reason for the gradual deterioration is that Liu Shu can not understand now. Wei Niang is a very special woman, when the late emperor and the prime minister like her. But Wei Niang finally chose the prime minister. She is the only one who can make the late emperor sad but helpless. She usually has to take care of me so that I can keep the queen in this palace. Listen, Liu Shu's heart is also full of twists and turns. Niang's matter, she is also vaguely heard the nurse said, vaguely have an impression, but did not expect that her mother still has such a past. The Empress Dowager gently stroked the corners of Liu Shu's eyes, her hair in a bun, and her cheeks, as if sighing: "You also look like your mother, and your talent and personality are all the same.". Wei Niang helped the Ai family a lot in those years, and the Ai family will protect you for Wei Niang. Then he called out, "Come in, little Dongzi." Someone outside answered and pushed the door in. It was a fair-skinned inner guard, about fifteen years old, with black eyes, who looked clever and pleasing. "Little Dongzi,Steel racking system, the slave, see Empress Dowager and Empress Ning Pin." Little Dongzi knelt down, and Liu Shu looked at him quietly. The queen mother just smiled. Ning Pin, don't get me wrong. The Ai family asked you to come here today just to say homely words. This little Dongzi has just entered the palace. I think he's very clever, and he knows a little kung fu. It's the best thing to serve you. "If the Empress Dowager is worried, Liu Shu will thank the Empress Dowager for her grace first." Liu Shu wanted to get up to thank him, but the queen mother reached out to hold him. Don't be so rude. You're a good girl, unfortunately. The Empress Dowager shook her head with a sigh and murmured in a low voice,Pallet rack beams, "The emperor has a grudge in his heart. Alas." Liu Shu also pretended not to hear, but smiled calmly. In the future, I will take good care of the concubine Ning. When the queen mother ordered the slave, her attitude was somewhat dignified. Or you're asking. "The slave must do his best to live up to the grace of the queen mother." Xiao Dongzi answered humbly, and the queen mother nodded with satisfaction and asked him to get up. Send Ning Pin Empress back first. It's late at night. Go to bed early. "Yes." Little Dongzi retreated to the door, then opened it and bent down to Liu Shu and said with a smile, "Empress, please go back with the slave." Liu Shu got up and saluted the queen mother and was about to retire. He took a few steps, but was stopped by the queen mother. Ning Pin. "My concubine is here." Liu Shu hurriedly turned around. You are a wise woman. There are some things to think about. Don't be blinded by the pain. The queen mother said softly, and every word fell heavily on Liu Shu's heart. Queen Mother Xie reminded. Liu Shu thanked the queen mother and finally left. Little Dongzi walked ahead with the palace lantern in his hand, while Liu Shu walked, thinking about what the queen mother had just said. After what happened that day, she simply panicked. Afterwards, her heart was a mess, and she had no intention of thinking about the whole story. At this time, Drive in racking system ,Pallet rack supplier, the queen mother reminded her that Liu Shu had carefully recalled the details one by one. After the palace people prepare the meal, they will try the taste to ensure that the food is safe and delicious before serving it. Taste this should be the work of the imperial chef, but this Wutong Palace only Waner, responsible for the production of dim sum is her, this work is naturally only she did. But who would have thought that the murderer would poison. Wait, the murderer knows that this Waner will taste the taste first but also poison, that proves that the target at the beginning is not her, but Waner! But why on earth, why did the murderer poison Waner? "Empress?" He felt Liu Shu behind him stop, and Xiao Dongzi stopped and walked over. What's the matter with you? "It's okay." Liu Shu waved his hand, and in the dark, Xiao Dongzi could not see her expression clearly. She felt the glimmer of the moonlight fall on her, and she looked a little pale. Lead the way back, I'm sleepy. "Oh, yes." Little Dongzi was suspicious, but did not dare to ask more questions. He walked back to the front to lead the way, and soon returned to Xuanxin Hall. Chapter 10 Promise Liu Shu went back after a sleepless night, until the morning barely fell asleep, wake up, is already in the middle of the day. After getting up, I heard the hookah say that father-in-law Ann had been waiting for her in the side hall for a day, and Liu Shu hurriedly cleaned up and went over. As soon as he entered the side hall, he saw little Dongzi greeting Grandfather An, talking and laughing, but not neglecting him. Little Dongzi saw Liu Shu coming, immediately came forward to salute, and then stood beside Liu Shu. "Grandfather An went up to Liu Shu and bowed before him." See Empress Ning, "he said with a smile. "Father in law, please get up." Liu Shu motioned to Grandfather An not to be too polite, and she smiled apologetically. It's all Liu Shu's fault for being so sleepy that he kept his father-in-law waiting. "If the empress says so, she will kill the slave.". The slave has come to congratulate the empress today. Seeing Grandfather An's happy appearance, Liu Shu and the hookah, Little Dongzi looked at each other. Liu Shu asked with a smile, "Liu Shu is ignorant. I don't know where the joy comes from." "The emperor has specially chosen a place for you to live. The slave has already arranged everything. Please go to the Yunying Palace with the slave." After waiting for so long, I can finally get out of here. Although he knew he couldn't go back to the Wutong Palace, Liu Shu couldn't help asking, "Liu Shu thanked the emperor for his grace first.". But can't you go back to the Wutong Palace? "If something like that happens, you can't go back to the Wutong Palace." The place once full of warmth will become a lonely place in the palace. Liu Shu thought sadly, still keeping a faint smile on his face. Then I'll bother my father-in-law to lead the way. "Oh, please come with the slave." Yunying Palace is located between the Hongqing Palace and Shuyu Garden, surrounded by Hunan bamboos, surrounded by rockeries and flowing water, and its appearance is very elegant. As soon as you enter the gate, you can see the snow-white jasmine flowers in the yard, which are fragrant with the wind and secrete your heart and lungs. Through the corridor, the lake below the corridor is full of water lilies, like a clean girl lying in the water, a pure and quiet state. After walking through a quiet path,pipe cantilever rack, I saw a pavilion on each side, a side hall, and the main hall and bedroom in front of it. omracking.com