When Weng Hanshou saw this, he mentioned it again. So, this person is taking the way of cultivating both the body and the body. Hey hey, this kind of monk was also popular in ancient times. But by now, there are few. If you don't think about any one of the techniques of strength and body refining, you don't know how many years it will take to achieve something. If both are practiced at the same time, even though they are far superior to the monks of the same rank in the early stage, once they reach the deepest level, they will certainly be far inferior to the ordinary monks. Besides, the practice of body refining requires a certain talent. As far as I know, from ancient times to the present, there are only a few monks, such as Tianyuan Shenghuang, who have achieved great success in the end and can advance to the combination. These people were either originally alchemists and later became monks, or they took some natural treasures to make their bodies extremely strong. Otherwise, if you take this path, you will simply cut yourself off from the path of spiritual practice. Said the emerald dragon with a sneer. This man has practiced the Vajra formula to a great success, right. What body refining can continue to exercise the body? "" The man with hanging eyebrows asked in a daze. " Vajra Jue Dacheng is the highest level of body refining for mortals. If you want to continue to exercise your body, the best way is to find some ancient demons and demons to practice. However,heavy duty warehouse rack, both of them are alien races, and the dangers are certainly not small. It is not too strange that the other side can cultivate his strength and body to the present realm at the same time, and that you, a monk in the middle of the name of God, are no match. But even so, how did he crack my thousand soul bell, and not only the main soul in the bell was destroyed,heavy duty racking system, but also the other attached tens of thousands of evil souls were missing six or seven out of ten. The dragon's voice suddenly froze down. The disciple did not know how he did it. I took it into the space in the bell, but the man soon broke out of it. The disciple did not see the specific situation with his own eyes. "The man, surnamed Weng, explained hurriedly." Hum, although the thousand soul bell is still not on the Chaos All Souls List, it is enough to hold a monk in the late stage of deification. It seems that this man either carries with him the treasure of conquering ghosts, or practices the great magical power of Yang Zhigang. Forget it, this treasure can at most catch the spirit of some ferocious beasts again, and then it can be sacrificed and refined back to its power, but that man's legacy can't be lost. Jiaolong stared at the man for a long time before he withdrew his eyes with a cold hum. Thank you for your kindness, Shifu. But now the spiritual land belongs to that boy. Once he forbids us everywhere, I'm afraid it will be very inconvenient for us to go treasure hunting again. The man was pleased at first, but Wen asked hesitantly. This is somewhat troublesome. But in such a big spiritual place, he did not arrange many profound prohibitions in a short time, Narrow aisle rack ,Warehouse storage racks, nor did he fail to solve them. You first go to the place where I am in seclusion, take my token, and go to find my good friend Ram. One of his hidden treasures, the Five-color Banner, has the incredible magical power of reversing the five elements and transforming things into invisibility. You can borrow it for a while, and then we'll find a good time to sneak in there and look for treasure. If you do this, you will owe Gongsun Lao Mo a big favor, and I'm afraid it won't be easy to return it later. The emerald dragon said without good spirit. The man surnamed Weng did not dare to say anything, so he could only stand with a submissive face and nod his head repeatedly. At the same time, Han Li just escaped from a huge wall ten feet high in Tianyuan City and flew to the plain outside the city. As soon as the fight was over, he stopped flying back to the spiritual temple and went straight to the spiritual place he had chosen. With Han Li's present magical power, it is naturally a thousand miles in a flash, and in just three or four days, he has nothing to do all the way to a huge green mountain range. As soon as the light of the so-called Qionglai Mountain converged, Han Li appeared on a hill on the edge of the mountain range, slightly sweeping the huge mountain range, which was hundreds of thousands of miles wide, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Although it is said that this mountain range is the most inferior of the three mountain ranges displayed in Yuque Pavilion, it is no small matter that it can be assigned to the spiritual monks to practice, and the dense aura is no small matter. Compared with the so-called holy land of cultivation in the human world, it is absolutely a world of difference. Looked for a while, Han Li nodded with satisfaction, body escape light together, into a green rainbow head into the mountains. Before long, he escaped more than ten thousand miles. Despite the rapid advance in the high altitude, Han Li's mind was put around, and everything within a radius of thousands of miles was shrouded in the distance. Along the way, he had found four or five places where there were prohibitions, apparently where other monks' caves were located. Han Li did not pay much attention to these neighbors, but urged them to escape and pass by. When Han Li almost crossed more than half of the mountains, he finally arrived at what the map said was his own spiritual land, a mountain spiritual land of more than twenty thousand miles, hopeless to the end. And there is no other monk here except him. Han Li was delighted and was not in a hurry to build a cave house immediately, but drove Dun Guang around the approximate range marked on the map, and unhurriedly made a big garden. And at intervals, a white carbonyl flag was dropped from the air and disappeared into the ground. These flags are only the lowest level of equipment, in addition to a little psychedelic effect, the most important thing is to tell other monks nearby. This piece of spiritual land already has an owner. Keep them away from the area. Then Han Li wandered leisurely in this area. As a result, half a day later, he found several small spirit mines and several natural elixirs in the spirit field. But there is only a small half of it left. Of course, these mines and elixirs are of low quality and relatively common, and it is estimated that the former monk who occupied this place did not bother to spend too much time mining and picking them. Han Li will not see these things into the eyes, but more harmonious things,Pallet rack upright, it is also a small surprise. After surveying every place, Han Li finally stopped high in the sky in the center of the spirit, and his face hesitated. It was strange that he had not found any special place here. Was it really just for the convenience of practicing some kind of secretary that the man with hanging eyebrows fought so hard with him. Han Li's eyes flashed a few times and immediately shook his head. omracking.com