Original title: Precise drilling technology is the first thing to learn in woodworking technology. Introduction to woodworking drilling tools Precise drilling techniques are the first thing to learn in woodworking. Modern technology has made it easy to do. The traditional drill is a twist drill. The drilled sawdust can be carried out of the hole by the drill bit. Holes can also be made by the scraping action of the spade drill, which is specially designed for power tools. There are also hole saws, aircraft drills, hole openers and other modern drill bits to bring you a lot of convenience. Power tool drilling The electric drill is one of the earliest electric tools. Then the curve saw, circular saw, belt sander and other tools are derived. It is hard to imagine how a modern woodworker can work without an electric drill. The electric hand drill can also be easily mounted on the drill frame to provide accurate positioning and verticality. Most electric drills use a drill Chuck to grip the drill bit. They are distinguished by power and clamping range, e.g. 500 W, clamping up to 10 mm or 13 mm. The advantage of the spade drill is that large holes can be made: usually holes from 6mm to 38mm can be made. The spade drill requires only a small amount of torque to operate, but some say it is only suitable for drilling with ordinary precision because it distorts the wood fibers. However, it has been widely used. Prefabricated holes are usually not very large in size (less than 6 mm). There are also some special prefabricated hole drills, such as hinge drills, which are specially used to drill prefabricated holes for hinge/hinge installation. Electric pistol drills are becoming more and more common, although they are obviously less powerful than ordinary electric drills. Their advantages are that they are easy to carry and use,rock drilling tools, the voltage is between 3.6 and 24V, and they are low-risk power tools. The fastest charging time can even reach more than ten minutes. They are suitable for long hours of field work or work in humid environments. Drill chucks were also replaced with quick drill chucks. And they can also be used as electric screwdrivers. With some accessories, they can be extended to more uses. Expand the full text 1. Twist drill is used for ordinary drilling. 2. Three-point woodworking drill can be accurately positioned. 3. The flat drill can open large holes. 4. The reamer is used to make the counterbore to accommodate the screw head, or directly use the countersink drill to complete the operation at one time. 5. The cork drill can be used to make short corks to fill the holes of screw holes. How to drill a hole with an electric hand drill There are many kinds of drill bit structures, and the reasonable structure of the drill bit must meet the following requirements: ① The cutting part suitable for drilling conditions must have normal angle and size; (2) the chips can be separated freely during drilling and can be discharged out of the hole in time with the formation of the chips; (3) the cutting edge can be conveniently sharpened for a plurality of times, and the angle value and the main dimension parameters of the cutting part after sharpening are not changed; ④ Maximum productivity and good processing quality. The structure of the drill is determined by its working conditions: the drilling direction relative to the fiber,Mining Drilling Equipment, the drilling diameter, the drilling depth, and the required machining accuracy and productivity. The following common drill structures and their applications are highlighted. (1) The end of the cylindrical head center drill is cylindrical, with two cutting edges and a spiral groove, as shown in Figure 5. This drill is mainly used for drilling shallow holes, but at higher feed rates, the depth of the hole is deeper than that of the spade drill. (2) Drill the circular countersink bit in the center of the circular countersink and the serrated countersink, as shown in the figure. It has two main cutting edges and two other circular cutting edges along the cutting circle, namely the circular sinking cutting knife, Borehole Drill Bits ,Tapered Rock Bit, which is used to cut the fibers first and form the side surface of the hole. The sinking cutting knife protrudes 0.5mm above the horizontal plane of the main cutting edge. As shown in the figure, the serrated undercutting bit has serrated undercutting blades distributed almost along the entire periphery of the bit, and the bit has only one horizontal main edge. These two kinds of drills are usually fixed on the cutter head, and the drill shank is cylindrical. They are mainly used for drilling shallow holes, corks and plywood holes. (3) Sawtooth hole-digging drill: (4) Spoon drill: (5) Auger: (6) Twist drill: (7) Reamer: (8) Carbide drill bit: Use a drill rig What are the woodworking drill bits we usually use? From my personal point of view, the twist drill is used relatively more. Twist drills are also divided into ordinary twist drills and cobalt-containing twist drills. Of course, the people who use cobalt-containing twist drills are wrong, because the price is more expensive. Twist drill Secondly, it is estimated that there will be several rows of drills. As the name implies, it is dedicated to the row of drills. Row drilling can be divided into left and right. Some friends also say positive and negative. Usually, the right turn is used more. That is, positive rotation, or positive rotation. The most common specifications used for row drilling are 8mm, 10mm and 15mm. Row drill positive and negative A lot of woodworking hole openers are used. Hole openers, as the name implies, are used to open holes. Hole-openers are usually 10 mm in the smallest and 100 mm in the largest. This drill bit is used on a bench drilling machine. Industrial grade hole opener 80mm There is also the square eye drill, which is used by relatively few friends. Not much to say here. All kinds of woodworking drill pictures, there must be something you haven't seen. Drill, straight shank twist drill, center drill, woodworking drill, etc., combined salad knife, threaded shank external drill, double-layer step drill, row drill, dovetail mortise knife, wooden plug knife, row drill quick connector.. A square hole drill is a special square hole, keyhole drill bit used on a square tenon machine, if there is no square tenon machine. On the bench drill and electric hand drill, first use the drill core to open a few more holes,overburden drilling systems, and then use the jacket of the square hole drill to knock slowly. Copyright notice: Because some of the articles are from the Internet, and some of the articles are pushed without timely contact with the original author. If the above copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete or deal with the original author. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. wt-dthtools.com