Originally published as [Talk] What you don't know about custom lines? This is the 33rd article of Jian Tan. 1. What is a custom line? The name of custom line is named by Guanglianda software, mainly because it deals with some complex special-shaped line components in drawings. 2. What is the function of the custom line? Its role is summed up in three points. (1) It can replace the treatment of complex reinforcement of special-shaped components, such as special-shaped balustrade, cornice, etc. (2) It can be used for some positions of the slab or raft requiring additional reinforcement, and only the number of pieces is given. (3) Can be used for special-shaped beam Custom lines are more useful. In addition to the above three, they can certainly handle some other components. 3. Difference between custom line, custom face and custom point Custom points: mainly deal with point-type components (such as columns and pile caps) Custom lines: work primarily with line components (such as beams, walls) Custom surface: mainly deal with surface components (slab, raft) Custom points,mini tape measure, lines, and surfaces are generally used to deal with some small sporadic components, more complex line area and other components. Generally, custom lines are the most used. There is no deduction relationship between them and other components,custom tailor tape, and the deduction priority can be set among them in civil engineering, as shown in the following figure It has only one custom line in the rebar Whether the associated components are considered for longitudinal reinforcement calculation Expand the full text Therefore, when drawing a specific component, it is necessary to first determine what kind of component it belongs to, because their calculations are different. Generally, if there is no such component in the software, you can use a flexible method to draw it into the drawing using custom points/lines/surfaces to calculate the amount of work. 4. How to lay out custom lines in the software ? How do we draw the steel bars in the following drawings in the project? Before drawing, we need to determine the size of this component. According to the drawing, custom tape measure ,personalized tape measure, we can see that the width is 100 + 200 and the height is 600 + 820. Therefore, we define the custom of the special-shaped component according to this size. When defining, we need to input the size from left to right in the horizontal direction and from bottom to top in the vertical direction, as shown in the following figure: After entering the dimensions, we draw its shape directly according to the drawing, and then we arrange the reinforcement according to the drawing. After arranging the transverse reinforcement, it is found that the transverse reinforcement extends into the support for a lae, and there is no bending. How to deal with this? First, we need to edit the hook to change the hook to no hook, as shown below. Use the button on the edit end to set the anchor length to one lae, as shown in the following figure: 5. Deduction relationship between user-defined line and other concrete components The length, volume, and section area of the user-defined line have no deduction relationship with other components, except with the user-defined line. 6. User-defined line component conversion Select Custom Line-Right Click-Component Conversion, and select the component to be converted. Currently, custom lines can only be converted into walls, beams, ring beams, etc., but not railings, handrails, etc. Custom lines are mainly used for decorative lines in the software, and there is no deduction relationship when they intersect with other concrete components. 7. Calculation of custom lines (1) How to calculate the area of custom line template? The custom line does not calculate the area of the template, and can be drawn with beams and other components instead of the custom line. Note: Right click Custom Line Component Conversion to convert the custom line into wall, beam,bra measuring tape, coupling beam and other components. (2) Can the user-defined line be used to measure concrete? Custom lines can be used to calculate the quantities of volume, cross-sectional area and length, and the volume of concrete can be replaced by volume. Author: Li Mei Disclaimer: This article is produced by Guanglianda Q & A-Jian Tan Column. Thanks to Zhang Gong for providing information and documents. Please apply for permission to reprint and indicate the source. Jian Tan Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com