Dubai’s crown prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum famously known as Fazza is spending quality time in London with his family & friends. He has been sharing photos of his visit on his Instagram account which has over 14 followers.

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One of the pictures which he posted on his Instagram account represents him traveling on the London Underground along with a friend and right now, it is the biggest buzz trending on a social media platform. The Crown Prince enjoyed a ride to the metro, but he was not recognized by his fellow passengers and traveled as a commoner.

The latest pictures show Sheikh Hamdan standing in the middle of a packed compartment of the metro with his companion Badr Ateej.

The London Underground is said to be an instant transit system that serves Greater London and some portions of the nearby counties of Essex, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire, England. After posting vacation photos, it has gathered over 5 lakh likes. It also indicated many comments as one of the residents claimed the London Tube illustrates such kind of diversity.